Unite the Union calls for Councils to blacklist the blacklisters

blacklisted I hope to be able to move this at the February 2014 meeting of North Yorkshire County Council at County Hall in Northallerton.

Motion for Local Authorities regarding ‘blacklisting’


Notes and welcomes campaigning by trade unions to end the scandalous practice of ‘blacklisting’. More

That was the campaign that was

With a few moments to spare from a hectic round of county council electioneering, I thought for purely philanthropic reasons I would analyse some of the campaign ‘literature’ (as we prefer to call it) or ‘junk mail’ (as unattached readers may wish to call it) that has plopped through people’s letterboxes the last few weeks. This service is brought to you in the interests of truth and transparency – of course.

challenI was inspired to read an independent leaflet for a candidate in Northstead Division, which was generously delivered to electors in Castle Division. This says “Independents have to work three times harder than Labour, Conservative or LibDems to get elected and retain office.” I wonder how many LibDems would agree with that statement this year – they may have to work 10 times harder than the ‘Independent’ and still not get elected. It may not have occurred to the writer of this particular leaflet that where there are three candidates standing for one seat, they may all have to work three times harder to get elected – but two never will! The leaflet goes on to make a number of claims, none of which stand up to much logical scrutiny either. Take my word for it. More