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!!!Good news!!!
The Labour Party in Scarborough and Whitby bucked the national trend at the election on 7 May.
Whitby Branch wants to  build on this success. Click below to fill in this short questionnaire and let us know what you feel matters most in Whitby and its villages. (Your responses will not be passed on to anyone else.)

On 7 May we reduced Robert Goodwill’s (Conservative) majority by 2,000 and got two Whitby councillors elected to Scarborough Borough Council to represent Mayfield (Gerald Dennett) and Streonshalh (Rob Barnett) and a further 12 in the Scarborough area . We have also gained many new members and supporters.

Rob Barnett

Rob Barnett

Gerald Dennett

Gerald Dennett










Council and Parkol express frustration with Whitby Gazette Eskside Wharf article

Parkol Boatyard

Councillor Tina Davy, Labour Councillor for Streonshalh, is fully aware of how vital Parkol is to Whitby’s economy and image. She has looked carefully into the matter and unlike the alarmist reaction of our MP Robert Goodwill quoted in last week’s Whitby Gazette is pleased to report,


Cllr Tina Davy, SBC, Streonshalh

“I am very relieved to have confirmation from the Council and Parkol that the situation is not as dire as that portrayed in the Whitby Gazette last week. It is reassuring to know that the Council is working with Parkol to find a solution to the problem at Eskside Wharf”.Tina wants residents and employees of Parkol to know that she will keep a close eye on the situation and report on any developments.

SBC News Release issued 13 March 2014

Whitby boatbuilding company, Parkol Marine Engineering and Scarborough Borough Council have joined forces to express their disappointment and frustration with the article about the town’s EsksideWharf, which was featured in the Whitby Gazette on Friday 7 March.  More

Public Outrage As Tories Ignore The Views of Whitby People

park and rideAfter a hard fought community campaign led by Whitby & District Labour Party, local residents and businesses were ignored when Conservative Councillors forced through a ream of parking control measures that jeopardize the future of Whitby.

In a heated debate at the Coast and Moors Area Committee meeting on Thursday 19th September, hundreds of community members made clear their opposition to an ill-considered parking scheme that threatens to kill off the economic development of the seaside town. More

Whitby Parking Campaign

Parking-Sign-K-7197Whitby and District Branch Labour Party is leading a community campaign calling for a root and branch re-think of North Yorkshire County Council’s plans for parking in Whitby. The online petition hosted by 38 degrees has garnered over 500 signatures by the end of its first full day.

Sign the petition online now at

We, the residents of Whitby, call on North Yorkshire County Council to revise its parking proposals to just one zone for Whitby with permits available for surrounding villages. More

Tina Davy for Streonshalh

TinaScarborough Borough Council – by-election – Streonshalh, Whitby

Tina has been an active member of the Labour Party since 1983 and was elected to Leeds City Council in 1999, serving until 2003, during which time she chaired a Community Involvement Team, was Lead Member for Culture & Tourism, and was a member of a Planning Panel. She was a member of the Yorkshire Regional Cultural Consortium. Tina has been a CAB volunteer and was employed as a welfare rights and energy efficiency adviser. She worked in the Civil Service, advising on organisational development at Head Office level. She has worked as a researcher, and as a freelance consultant.

Tina understands the importance of tourism in Whitby, and the need for more public transport in the area.

Don’t take out on children the shortcomings of their parents

Diana Jeuda, Labour candidate for Streonshalh writes:
“I was shocked at George Osborne’s response to the tragedy of the deaths of the Philpot children. Instead of looking to find ways where these vulnerable children could be identified and provided with appropriate protection, he attempted to make cheap political capital by suggesting that cutting the benefits of their parents would somehow have rescued the situation. More

Diana Jeuda, Labour candidate for Streonshalh and West Cliff writes:

I was out on the doorstep today in West Cliff and had a very good response from the people I met and talked to.
However I had one interesting and difficult conversation with a gentleman who told me that he had voted Labour for most of his life but wasn’t planning to do so this time. He told me had worked all his life, paid his taxes but didn’t feel what he felt were his taxes should go to people who weren’t working. In particular he felt that Labour was wrong to oppose the bedroom tax.
It’s clear from the opinion polls that his view is widely shared, but it is also clear that a lot of people haven’t thought through the real implications. I felt that it was important to have a discussion about it.
I told him about a young man I know in Whitby whose parents have died and as a result he lives alone in a two bedroom social housing flat. More

Streonshalh warms to Labour

canvassingDiana writes:
A good afternoon campaigning with the Labour team. I got a chance to talk to people as we went round with leaflets. I spoke to people who were very hostile about David Cameron and quite angry with how things are going. I also got a chance to talk about our policies and my own personal priorities. Lots of support for the stand we have taken on both the potash mine and Spital Bridge tip.

Spital Bridge – What a tip!

Diana Jeuda, Labour candidate for Streonshalh, writes about her concerns about the tip at Spital Bridge.
I attended the Town Council together with two local residents to hear the discussion about the tip at Spital Bridge. Spital BridgeAs everyone knows, when it was the main town refuse tip, it was well run, clean, with skips that were regularly emptied. Yes, it was a pity that it was so close to the houses of local residents, but as tips go, it was not offensive.
How different it is today!
A badly fenced area where building rubbish is piled high together with no possibility of this rubbish having been sorted to check for inappropriate waste such as food, oil, and other hazardous substances. The area is not secure with no proper protection for children getting in – and if they do, the area is just waiting for an accident to happen. More