Labour walk out of Council meeting over row on democracy

4 July 2017
Some members of the Labour Group walked out of the full Council meeting on 3 July in protest over the lack of democracy and free speech following the Vote of No Confidence meeting the previous week (26 June) in which most councillors were denied the opportunity to speak in the debate.

Labour forces postponement of Council decision

Following a demand from the Labour Group, the Conservative administration has removed the Budget papers from the meeting agenda at Full Council on Friday.
Labour Group Leader, Steve Siddons explained. ‘Members of the Council and the Public have only just been provided with the papers despite their importance. Debating this budget with less than the statutory 5 days provision of the detail of the budget is unacceptable. The Council could have found itself in the position of potentially being challenged about the legality of setting the Budget.
I am pleased to note that, after speaking to the Deputy Leader of the Council, Cllr Helen Mallory that she agreed with the Labour Group and has withdrawn the agenda item
This provides the public and Councillors with more time to scrutinise the detail and is in the interest of the Council conducting business in an open and transparent manner which is a fundamental principle for the Labour Group”

Let’s draw a line in ‘The Sands’

Labour wants town centre regeneration now Following the Planning Committee rejection of a plan by Benchmark to build a multi-screen cinema on the site of the former Atlantis Water Park, the Scarborough Borough Council Labour Group called for a re-think on the proposal in favour of a town centre location.

north st car park Cllr Steve Siddons who led the vote against the Cinema in the North Bay said, “The Local Plan and National Planning Policy says that developments such as a Multi-Screen Cinema should be built in the town centre rather than on an out of town location.” More

Local Tories fail to support Scarborough bus users

Local Tories have dealt a major blow to the Ramshill community by failing to support users of the popular No.4 bus service which will cease to operate in its present form at the end of Marchbus4jpg. This service is regularly used by over 1000 passengers per week, many of whom are elderly or infirm and have no alternative form of transport. A double blow is that the replacement service, which will operate on reduced hours, may not accept concessionary bus passes. More

No.4 Bus – Where do we go from here?

bus4jpgOn Friday 7th February NYCC Transport Scrutiny Committee reopened the arguments around the savage cuts to essential bus services across North Yorkshire including the popular No.4 service in Ramshill. This followed pressure from a group of Councillors, including me, who had been opposed to these cuts. Unsurprisingly, this included the eight Tory Councillors who voted to support the decision to go ahead with the cuts, in spite of our opposition, and the remaining Labour, Lib Dem and Independents voted against the cuts. So where does that leave us? NYCC have offered a replacement service operating Monday to Friday from 10am until approximately 2.30pm. This will use the existing Access buses which transport adults with disabilities early in the morning and later in the afternoon. More

Cautious Thumbs up for Sports Village

Members of the Labour Group on Scarborough Council have welcomed a decision to push ahead with proposals to develop a sports village in the Town; despite having serious concerns about the way in which the scheme is being managed. More

A ‘fare’ deal for Ramshill

“Keep this ‘lifeline’ Weaponness Valley & South Cliff bus”

Campaign launched by Ramshill Ward’s new Labour councillor Steve Siddons.

Labour’s Steve Siddons is campaigning to have County Council plans to axe Ramshill’s Weaponness Valley and South Cliff bus service reversed. He hopes to arrange a public meeting on the proposal and invite a representative of NYCC Transport Service to come along and explain the rationale behind the planned change. More

A Fair Deal for Ramshill

ramshillroad Scarborough’s ‘bellwether” council seat changes hands as Ramshill Ward falls to Labour’s Steve Siddons in by-election.

Labour’s Steve Siddons topped a by-election poll (22 August) in Scarborough’s Ramshill ward, leaving the Borough’s Tories, who had held the seat, in third place.
Surveyor Steve Siddons noted the once-controlling Tory Group, after a series of blunders, had lost the trust of residents to manage the Borough’s historical assets.
He said,  stevesiddons001“Ramshill is the centre for several planned key Council developments over the next few years. Having watched recent administrations make a dump of Atlantis, a dump of Mr Marvels, and a dump of Kinderland, all in the North Bay, Ramshill voters don’t want “them” moving south into Ramshill to make the same mistakes here.
“I welcome the chance to give serious and considered scrutiny to the plans for Ramshill, our wonderful heritage mustn’t be devalued any more. It is time people with aspirations and who can inspire had their say.”

Local Labour Leader Cllr Eric Broadbent said: “A seat in Ramshill was last won by Labour in 2003 when we had a Labour government and a Labour MP, this “bellwether” seat result forecasts welcome major changes to come.”