Northern Rail and Transpennine Express Trains put profits before passengers!

Scarborough and Whitby Constituency Labour Party members are incensed over the lies and hype around George Osborne’s “Northern Powerhouse” claims.

Following the cancellation of rail electrification plans in the North, there is even more bad news for passengers and Transpennine Employees travelling from Scarborough over the Pennines. A threat to both jobs and to passenger safety comes in the form of proposals for the new Northern and Transpennine Express Rail Franchises due to start on 1st April. The franchises will be jointly managed by a new body “Rail North” – chaired by Sir Richard Leese – and comprising representatives of 29 Northern Councils / combined authorities and the Department for Transport.

Train Guards will be axed from rail services to and from Scarborough by Transpennine Express resulting in “Driver Only Trains”.

At present railway regulations guarantee that passengers in the North always have a Guard / Conductor on their train. In addition to the driver, passengers to and from our seaside resort know there will always be a highly trained guard to protect the safe operation of the train and deal with emergencies, such as fire, derailments and driver incapacity. The Guard also provides general assurance to passengers, ticket and travel advice and revenue protection. ASTONISHINGLY, THE PROPOSED RAIL FRANCHISE AGREEMENTS MEAN PASSENGERS WILL NO LONGER HAVE THIS PROTECTION.

There is also no guarantee that current ticket offices and station staffing will be retained on the new franchise. More

Real Change- A fair transport deal for the Yorkshire Coast

Labour Anger as David Cameron’s “biggest investment in the railways since the Victorians” excludes the line to Scarborough
‘These Plans Stop Short. The Coast is being Sold Short’

Ian McInnesLabour’s Ian McInnes, Scarborough & Whitby candidate at next year’s general election, reacted angrily to news that Yorkshire Coast passengers have been excluded from today’s Rail Modernisation announcement.

Ian, who has been running a series of consultation meetings on Transport in Scarborough & Whitby said,
“David Cameron today announced the HS3 and electrification of the north Transpennine route as ‘the biggest investment in the railways since the Victorians’.

“But the Coast has been left out of that planned investment and the Scarborough to York line looks likely to be downgraded to a branch line. More

Labour councillor secures new bus service for Eastfield

Tony Randerson

Cllr Tony Randerson, NYCC Eastfield and Osgodby

A new Bus Service that Eastfield Residents had been asking for has been agreed following talks between Labour County Councillor Tony Randerson and Shoreline Suncruiser Buses.

The new 777 Service will begin on Thursday 3 April between Scarborough and Eastfield. More

Local Tories fail to support Scarborough bus users

Local Tories have dealt a major blow to the Ramshill community by failing to support users of the popular No.4 bus service which will cease to operate in its present form at the end of Marchbus4jpg. This service is regularly used by over 1000 passengers per week, many of whom are elderly or infirm and have no alternative form of transport. A double blow is that the replacement service, which will operate on reduced hours, may not accept concessionary bus passes. More

No.4 Bus – Where do we go from here?

bus4jpgOn Friday 7th February NYCC Transport Scrutiny Committee reopened the arguments around the savage cuts to essential bus services across North Yorkshire including the popular No.4 service in Ramshill. This followed pressure from a group of Councillors, including me, who had been opposed to these cuts. Unsurprisingly, this included the eight Tory Councillors who voted to support the decision to go ahead with the cuts, in spite of our opposition, and the remaining Labour, Lib Dem and Independents voted against the cuts. So where does that leave us? NYCC have offered a replacement service operating Monday to Friday from 10am until approximately 2.30pm. This will use the existing Access buses which transport adults with disabilities early in the morning and later in the afternoon. More

Tina Davy for Streonshalh

TinaScarborough Borough Council – by-election – Streonshalh, Whitby

Tina has been an active member of the Labour Party since 1983 and was elected to Leeds City Council in 1999, serving until 2003, during which time she chaired a Community Involvement Team, was Lead Member for Culture & Tourism, and was a member of a Planning Panel. She was a member of the Yorkshire Regional Cultural Consortium. Tina has been a CAB volunteer and was employed as a welfare rights and energy efficiency adviser. She worked in the Civil Service, advising on organisational development at Head Office level. She has worked as a researcher, and as a freelance consultant.

Tina understands the importance of tourism in Whitby, and the need for more public transport in the area.