Scarborough Labour Group Challenges Cabinet Refusal To Allow North Street Cinema Development

“Using innovative design would enable the development of a Cinema and still allow the Council to keep their Car Park on the same site”

Scarborough Labour Leader Steve Siddons is hoping to bring together Opposition Groups to challenge the Cabinet decision, and the grounds used, to stimy a multi-screen cinema development on Scarborough’s North Street; a development that was given planning permission seven years ago in 2008.
Councillor Siddons poured scorn on the ‘Best Value’ grounds Members of the Cabinet gave for stopping progress on a North Street cinema.  More

Stepping up the pressure

What a difference three years make. Back in 2010 our constituency Labour Party was at a low ebb. We had lost heavily at the General Election and had just two Scarborough councillors and not a single County Councillor.

ballot box

As we move into 2014, we can see that the tide is turning and we really are getting back into our stride with the election of:

  • 9 Borough councillors
  • 4 County Councillors, as well as
  • Several members serving as parish and town councillors.

And these councillors really are making a difference and forcing those in power to reconsider decisions and to sit up and take notice of what the people of Scarborough and Whitby really want. More

Whitby Parking update – People power pays off

park and ride The final decision was taken today.
The scheme is far from perfect but light years better than it would have been if we in Whitby had not spoken out very loudly and clearly.
Here’s the important stuff:
  • one small central zone with a very small amount of residents only parking,
  • the 40 minute waiting areas extended to one hour
  • parking in the rest of the zone extended from one hour to two hours
  • further concessions for households with more than 1 car.

This means that people will have a chance to come into town to do a bit of shopping and have a coffee etc….. The really dangerous threat to the town’s trade has at least been partially averted.
This is a million miles from the original proposals.  They are not great – but not the total disaster that was threatened. More

Councillor Broadbent calls in decision on Park and Ride

park and rideThe call in against the decision of the Yorkshire Coast and Moors special meeting on  19 September, to implement the Whitby Park and Ride will now be heard at County Hall on 9 October. 

Eric_BroadbentAs leader of the Labour Group I called the decision in as our Councillors were against the scheme being implemented as we felt the there were still many questions to be answered about the present viability of the scheme, issues that local residents had raised that if not addressed could adversely affect residents, visitors and local businesses. More

The Man in County Hall Knows Best?

park and rideWould anything have changed if 1,000 people had turned up to contribute and listen to the debate at North Yorkshire County Council’s Coast and Moors Committee meeting on 19 September? The ruling Conservative Group (even with their two Whitby representatives expelled) pushed through Whitby’s Park and Ride scheme and its associated parking restrictions regardless. 2,000 people objecting probably wouldn’t have made much difference. This was the tale of “The Man in County Hall Knows Best.”

We were told that the journey to this decision began around 15 years ago in the late 1990s, and that the original inspiration was to enhance Whitby’s tourism and implicitly prevent its decline. Given how much water has passed under the swing bridge since then, we could have reflected on what has actually happened to Whitby’s tourism economy, and traffic conditions generally. But it doesn’t seem that the original assumptions have been tested since.

Unanswered questions remain – More

Public Outrage As Tories Ignore The Views of Whitby People

park and rideAfter a hard fought community campaign led by Whitby & District Labour Party, local residents and businesses were ignored when Conservative Councillors forced through a ream of parking control measures that jeopardize the future of Whitby.

In a heated debate at the Coast and Moors Area Committee meeting on Thursday 19th September, hundreds of community members made clear their opposition to an ill-considered parking scheme that threatens to kill off the economic development of the seaside town. More

NYCC Parking Proposal

Parking-Sign-K-7197The One-Zone for Whitby community campaign led by the Labour Party has submitted the attached report written by Diana Jeuda in response to North Yorkshire County Council’s parking proposals for Whitby. Click below to open the report.


Parking discussion at Whitby Town Council

Date 3 September, 6:45pm, Venue: Pannett Park, Whitby

Parking-Sign-K-7197Thank you to the many hundreds of people who have signed our community petition demanding that NYCC should think again about their proposed parking plans for Whitby.

Keep up the pressure – tell your friends and family about it and let’s turn out in force at Whitby Town Council’s meeting on Tuesday 3 September to show the NYCC officers that we will not allow their plans to be pushed through while ignoring the views of huge numbers of residents. The agenda for this meeting is attached. Click below to open the pdf.

. Full-Council-Agenda-3.9.13





We’d like to give the council the benefit of the doubt and assume that there are sound ‘technical’ reasons for designing the scheme the way that it has. However, it completely ignores the needs of the people who live and work Whitby. In essence, it creates inequality and takes away our freedom to enjoy this wonderful town the way we do today. 

Whitby Parking Campaign

Parking-Sign-K-7197Whitby and District Branch Labour Party is leading a community campaign calling for a root and branch re-think of North Yorkshire County Council’s plans for parking in Whitby. The online petition hosted by 38 degrees has garnered over 500 signatures by the end of its first full day.

Sign the petition online now at

We, the residents of Whitby, call on North Yorkshire County Council to revise its parking proposals to just one zone for Whitby with permits available for surrounding villages. More