Keeping in touch with potash developments

(c) Sirius Minerals

(c) Sirius Minerals

Yesterday I attended the first meeting of the York Potash Liaison Group Forum in my role as a Mayfield councillor. Establishment of the group was one of the conditions of planning permission. The group is made up of your local borough and county councillors, representatives of the various Parish Councils concerned, representatives of the Park Authority, and of course, representatives of Sirius Minerals. The meetings are public and you will be given the opportunity to speak if you wish. The next meeting will be in March. Keep coming back here or go to Your Whitby on Facebook, and I’ll let you know when the date is fixed.


Fight to Save Eskdale School wins postponement of decision to close this much loved school


Students and parents are jubilant that NYCC has decided to postpone the decision to close Eskdale School. Watch the video to see the strength of feeling throughout the town as children, parents and supporters take to the streets of Whitby .The fight goes on!

Click through to the Whitby Gazette for the full story so far….


Employee rights at NYCC protected by Labour Councillors

Tony RandersonIt is with a degree of satisfaction and indeed pride that I can pen this article on behalf of the Labour Group of County Councillors regarding employee rights at NYCC.

There was a proposal from the Executive this morning on the agenda for the Full Council Meeting at County Hall to change the procedure for Employee Dismissal Appeals.

In March this year this policy/procedure was put to the Members’ Workforce Planning Group on which I am the Labour Group representative. The proposal put to us in March moved away from a Members-only Appeal panel to an appeal panel that mirrored the Absence Disciplinary Panel with one member and one officer hearing and making a judgement on these appeals with HR advice (but HR not participating in the decision making process). With the chair being an officer rather than the councillor.

I reluctantly agreed to this move but only after attaining the support for such a move from the Unison Trade Union Official who represents the employees at NYCC. More

Yes, to unitary authority for the Yorkshire Coast

Scarborough Borough Labour Group Leader Welcomes the County Council Leader’s Support for a Single Council Authority

stevesiddons001Newly elected Leader of Scarborough Borough Labour Group, Steve Siddons today welcomed the Tory County Council Leader’s support for the scrapping of the County Council and the introduction of Unitary Authorities.

“In Scarborough Borough local authorities are duplicated. We have the Scarborough Town Hall and ‘North Yorkshire House’ in the town. We also double up the number of councillors.

“The Scarborough Labour Group suggested ending this waste a couple of years ago but got voted down by the Scarborough Tories. More

Wheatcroft Long Sea Outfall from McCains Plant Eastfield.

Persistence rewarded for Cllr Tony Randerson

I have raised the poor condition of the Long Sea Outfall that is used only by the McCains plant in Eastfield on a number of occasions with The North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority of which I am a member via North Yorkshire County Council.\

Local fishermen and the surfing fraternity have voiced their concerns about effluent being discharged because of fractures to this pipe, which has been in place for some 17 years.

I was finally invited to attend a meeting on  20 June in York to hear Yorkshire Water’s plans for this outfall which was attended by officers from the Environment Agency, Scarborough Borough Council, McCains and of course Yorkshire Water. I am delighted to say that Yorkshire Water has now agreed funding to rectify this long- standing hazard.  More

Workers Memorial Day

Workers’ Memorial Day is held on 28 April every year, all over the world workers and their representatives conduct events, demonstrations, vigils and a whole host of other activities to mark the day.
I intend to seek support from both North Yorkshire County Council and Scarborough Borough Council to commemorate The Workers Memorial Day which is Officially recognised by our Government and indeed Internationally throughout the World. The whole purpose of this day has always been to ‘remember the dead’. More

What price public health?

Recently I wrote to Don McKenzie (portfolio holder with responsibility for public health) at North Yorkshire County Council) because of concerns that had been raised with me cinder trackby members of a local community group – ‘Friends of the Old Railway’. I play a very small part in the organisation giving what support I can, to a dedicated group of people trying to protect and promote this wonderful community asset, the Cinder Track, that stretches along the coast from Scarborough to Whitby. The route provides fantastic access to our dramatic coastline and the North York Moors National Park; as well as providing a safe off-road route for pedestrians and cyclists in the urban sections at either end. I am also a member of the North York Moors National Park Authority, which recognises the strategic importance of this asset and we were very disappointed when our £5m bid to Government to improve cycling infrastructure in our National Park was unsuccessful. Well over a 1000 trips per day are made along the Cinder Track in urban Scarborough; some for recreational purposes but most simply as a way of getting about. The route is strategically important for many reasons but specifically in relation to tourism and in the promotion of North Yorkshire County Council’s Public Health agenda. The bid included £2m to bring the track surface up to a decent condition and emphasised the benefits that improving the track would bring not only to sustainable tourism and a cleaner environment but also to public health, by encouraging everyday physical activity. More

Local Tories fail to support Scarborough bus users

Local Tories have dealt a major blow to the Ramshill community by failing to support users of the popular No.4 bus service which will cease to operate in its present form at the end of Marchbus4jpg. This service is regularly used by over 1000 passengers per week, many of whom are elderly or infirm and have no alternative form of transport. A double blow is that the replacement service, which will operate on reduced hours, may not accept concessionary bus passes. More

Balancing Fishing and Conservation Priorities


As a member of the North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority I raised concerns about the amount of effluent/ammonia that is being discharged into the North Sea and the damage this is apparently doing to the fish stocks off our lovely coastline.I will be raising this again at our next meeting of this Authority in mid-March. I am concerned that, although McCain’s do very adequately filter the effluent at their Peterborough Site into the River Nene, the same care and attention is not being given to the effluent discharged into the North Sea, with all the probable ramifications.

Challenging questions need to be raised and appropriate answers given, the North Sea should not be viewed as a dumping ground in any shape or form.


I have also voiced my concern regarding a further exclusion zone for our fishing fleet (or what is left of it) with regard to an unnecessary bye-law. Despite my objection and me moving that there should be no further exclusion around Flamborough Head, the Greenflamhead Environmentalists sitting on this  Authority still forced this through. And for what? They believe, without any concrete evidence, that the very few fishing boats left will damage the chalk on the sea bed! More

Labour Group votes to protect public services

MEMBERS of North Yorkshire County Council Labour Group will support plans to raise council tax by almost 2% at a meeting of the local authority on Wednesday 19 February.

Eric_BroadbentHowever, Eric Broadbent, Leader of the group says the decision does not imply wholesale support of the council’s financial strategy.

Cllr Broadbent said: “Local Authorities across the country, including Labour controlled councils, are having to take some very tough spending decisions because of the swingeing cuts being imposed by Central Government.

“These damaging cuts have seen a reduction in the Council’s budget of more than 30% since 2011, frontline services will be affected with the inevitable consequence that savings of this magnitude will impact most on those who are most vulnerable. More