A recovery for the many, not just a privileged few – Ed Miliband speech

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Thursday 13 November 2014

This election is a fight about a different direction for Britain, to make it work for everyday people, not just for a privileged few with:

  • A recovery that works for you and your family.
  • The next generation doing better than the last.
  • The NHS there when you need it.

And we’re in a fight not because our opponents think we’re destined to lose. We are in a fight because they fear we are going to win. Our task is simple: not to be distracted, but to focus on the prize of changing this country. More

A Governement that will fight for you

Ed Miliband has shown that he understands what people want and need. He’s shown the leadership to take on David Cameron’s cruel and divisive government and reverse their policies on the bedroom tax, on the NHS, on schools, on the minimum wage, and much more. It’s time for us to stand beside him and fight for his vision of a better Britain

Ed Miliband revitalises ‘One Nation’ concept

Here at the Labour Party conference in Manchester it would be nice to think that the eyes of the nation were upon us – gazing we hope in admiration on a Party resolutely turning anxiety into hope and capturing everyone’s yearning to escape the drumbeat of austerity.  But, of course, not so many people pay attention to our annual political shindigs these days. So, we rely more and more on the Leader’s speech to directly address the nation’s concerns, to show not merely an affinity with voters’ fears and hopes but also – midway through an interminable Parliament – how Labour will emerge as the government-in-waiting.  Even those who are generally disinterested or disdainful of politics may register some recognition of the values Labour now presents – if the Leader can make that connection. More