Planning for a better Borough

Scarborough Borough Council’s Labour group of councillors has agreed to start work on a set of policies to take to the public in next year’s borough council elections. The first stage of drawing up a manifesto will involve a six month consultation period ending after the Labour Party conference in September. Labour councillors are seeking the views of local communities, businesses, and voluntary groups as well as party members and others in drawing up their plans. They aim to be as inclusive as possible. More

What price public health?

Recently I wrote to Don McKenzie (portfolio holder with responsibility for public health) at North Yorkshire County Council) because of concerns that had been raised with me cinder trackby members of a local community group – ‘Friends of the Old Railway’. I play a very small part in the organisation giving what support I can, to a dedicated group of people trying to protect and promote this wonderful community asset, the Cinder Track, that stretches along the coast from Scarborough to Whitby. The route provides fantastic access to our dramatic coastline and the North York Moors National Park; as well as providing a safe off-road route for pedestrians and cyclists in the urban sections at either end. I am also a member of the North York Moors National Park Authority, which recognises the strategic importance of this asset and we were very disappointed when our £5m bid to Government to improve cycling infrastructure in our National Park was unsuccessful. Well over a 1000 trips per day are made along the Cinder Track in urban Scarborough; some for recreational purposes but most simply as a way of getting about. The route is strategically important for many reasons but specifically in relation to tourism and in the promotion of North Yorkshire County Council’s Public Health agenda. The bid included £2m to bring the track surface up to a decent condition and emphasised the benefits that improving the track would bring not only to sustainable tourism and a cleaner environment but also to public health, by encouraging everyday physical activity. More

Hinderwell School concerns

Concerns have been raised by Councillor John Ritchie about the level of consultation with parents as Hinderwell School in Seamer appears to move relentlessly closer to becoming an academy.

John Ritchie Falsgrave & Stepney

John Ritchie
Falsgrave & Stepney

Cllr John Ritchie, who represents Falsgrave Park ward and is also a County Councillor believes the school is being “bullied” into becoming an academy by central Government. He said:
“People have already been told it’s becoming an academy. I believe the decision was taken weeks ago. There’s nothing wrong with academies – they can work – but they’re not the only answer and schools should not be forced into it.
The school has produced no evidence that they’ve had a balanced look at this and considered the alternatives.”
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John Ritchie – County Councillor for Falsgrave and Stepney

Well we did it! And when I say “we” I mean we. It would take me weeks if not months to get round and thank everyone for their messages of support and congratulations.

The past couple of days have been clouded by beer and a fog of emotion I’m afraid, and I’m only just getting round to thanking people. More