Dear Voter and Labour Supporter

It’s three years since the Tories came to power and it’s clear that David
Cameron’s plan is failing and failing badly.

His first priority is to hand millionaires a tax cut, while there are nearly a
million young people out of work and long term unemployment is rising.

We can’t face another lost generation, but David Cameron isn’t doing anything
about it.  So Labour will.
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This weekend Labour activists across the country are out on high streets and doorsteps telling people about Labour’s Jobs Guarantee: a real job for anyone
who has been out of work for more than two years, or one year if they are under 25.
You can help them, even if you can’t get out on the doorstep, by clicking here

We’re not getting into the divisive, nasty and misleading smears we’re seeing
from David Cameron and his out of touch party – we’re providing real support to
get people back into work.  It will be tough and fair where it needs to be
– people who can work should work – but it’s first and foremost about doing
something that works.  Because David Cameron can’t or won’t.
People need an alternative – we’re giving them one.  So join the campaign
– online or offline – today.
Thank you,
Liam Byrne

Like Mitt Romney, Cameron thinks 47% of people are lazy non-contributors: but what does it mean for Scarborough and Whitby?

WARNING: This article contains figures

Austerity is fine if you are Margaret Thatcher’s granny, but when the whole country is plunged into a double dip recession, it’s time to change the medicine.

Scarborough Borough  Council is gearing up for change: a new welfare system which suggests that just about everybody of working age is a vast drain on society if they have the temerity to be out of work, or poor, or low paid, or in part-time work, or who have children, or who have a spare bedroom, or are disabled or . . .  well the list goes on. I’m not sure the Council will be able to cope with the changes that begin in earnest next April, but we have some talented officers who will do their best. I don’t envy them the task. More