Cuts to Addiction Services Since 2010 [INFOGRAPHIC]

In this blog post by Paul Harold, he unveils his latest infographic titled “cuts to addiction services in England and Wales since 2012”. Since 2010, successive Tory Governments have aimed to save public money by cutting addiction services. Since addiction is often stigmatised, perhaps these politicians feel justified in cutting these unarguably essential services.

These cuts really started to take hold following the enactment of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. This Act meant addiction services is now solely commissioned by local authorities and not the NHS.

Before 2012, long term Government investment in addiction services saw year-on-year decreases in drug-related deaths. These improvements have now been utterly wiped out.

Why is this the case? Read the rest of the addiction services cuts blog here.

NHS Day of Action in Scarborough and Whitby

Labour Party members were out on the streets of Scarborough and Whitby on March 4th, supporting Unite the union’s NHS Day of Action.

Plenty of enthusiasm from the public. People really do appreciate the NHS and what our doctors and nurses do for us. Many people signed a petition in Whitby, which is still a town uncertain as to the future of its hospital. Local people of all ages were delighted to show their support, as were our visitors, including Ric Sanders, violinist in the legendary band, Fairport Convention. He and his band had had a very successful and extremely well-received gig in the Pavilion on Friday night.

Scarborough Branch’s day of action presence in the town centre was no less successful. Their straw poll asking “Is the NHS safe with this government?” produced an overwhelming No vote.
Many shoppers took the time to chat with our members, expressing their own hopes that the Labour Party would manage to defend the NHS against cuts and creeping privatisation.

Beware the ‘flannel’ Cameron and Hunt come out with today

In 2010, when Labour was in power, 7,530 students were accepted to study medicine in the UK out of. 80,060 who applied. These are the doctors who will now be qualifying. In 2014, under the Conservatives, this number had fallen to 6,820 out of 84,850 applicants. The number of medical school places is a result of the national quota imposed on the number of places as much of the training needs to occur in a healthcare setting. . This government has reduced the number of doctors being trained.…/Medical_school_in_the_United_Kin…

In the United Kingdom, medical school generally refers to a department within a university which is involved in the education of future medical practitioners. All…

Scarborough Walk-in Health Centre – threatened closure

For the last four weeks I have been gathering signatures on a petition to keep Scarborough’s Castle walk-in health centre open.

From left to right: Sarah Forsyth, Dr Phil Garnett, Simon Cox and Cllr Colin Challen.

From left to right: Sarah Forsyth, Dr Phil Garnett, Simon Cox and Cllr Colin Challen.

The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) wants to close it in October this year and open something else up – they won’t say precisely what or where – in April 2015. This is in the name of improving urgent care services. But since it opened in 2009 the Castle centre has proved very successful, and this has been borne out by the number of people wanting to show their support for it. Combined with Facebook ‘likes’, the petition has attracted getting on for 2,500 supporters. People have told me how essential the centre has been to them. One man told me how he thought it had saved his elderly neighbour’s life – a woman who felt that she could not wait till Monday to see her GP when she felt ill. It was a Saturday, so her neighbour took her to the walk-in service, who immediately referred her to the hospital for a life threatening condition.  More

What price public health?

Recently I wrote to Don McKenzie (portfolio holder with responsibility for public health) at North Yorkshire County Council) because of concerns that had been raised with me cinder trackby members of a local community group – ‘Friends of the Old Railway’. I play a very small part in the organisation giving what support I can, to a dedicated group of people trying to protect and promote this wonderful community asset, the Cinder Track, that stretches along the coast from Scarborough to Whitby. The route provides fantastic access to our dramatic coastline and the North York Moors National Park; as well as providing a safe off-road route for pedestrians and cyclists in the urban sections at either end. I am also a member of the North York Moors National Park Authority, which recognises the strategic importance of this asset and we were very disappointed when our £5m bid to Government to improve cycling infrastructure in our National Park was unsuccessful. Well over a 1000 trips per day are made along the Cinder Track in urban Scarborough; some for recreational purposes but most simply as a way of getting about. The route is strategically important for many reasons but specifically in relation to tourism and in the promotion of North Yorkshire County Council’s Public Health agenda. The bid included £2m to bring the track surface up to a decent condition and emphasised the benefits that improving the track would bring not only to sustainable tourism and a cleaner environment but also to public health, by encouraging everyday physical activity. More

Castle Health Walk-in Centre threatened with closure

Proposals for changes in the delivery of urgent care in Scarborough, which could lead to the closure of the Castle Health Walk-in Centre in York Place are to be challenged in a petition launched by Castle Ward Councillor Colin Challen today. Click the link to open/ download a copy of the petition. petition – Castle Health Walk-in

Cllr Colin Challen

Cllr Colin Challen

The petition calls for the walk in centre to be kept open. Councillor Challen said: “The Clinical Commissioning Group has a duty in my view and that of many others to keep a walk-in centre in Scarborough town centre. The existing centre has easy access and is much praised by its thousands of users. It has an experienced team, and after five years in operation. Keeping it open should be a no-brainer. More

Tories threaten Scarborough walk-in health centre?

Cllr David BillingFEARS have been raised that medical facilities in Scarborough will be closed or downgraded after the health watchdog – Monitor revealed that 53 out of 238 walk-in centres have been closed in recent months.
Scarborough County Councillor David Billing, a member of NYCC’s Scrutiny of Health Committee raised the issue at a full meeting of the authority held earlier this week. A consultation about the future of Scarborough’s Town Centre medical facility will begin in January.
Cllr Billing said: “There is widespread concern in Scarborough about the fate of the Walk-In Centre of York Place. This is a highly regarded and well used facility and its closure would be a great loss.”
Cllr Billing says that people’s fears have been compounded by Sir Bruce Keogh’s, medical director of NHS England, announcement about the possibility of the introduction of a two tier A&E system across the country.
“If the York Place facility were to close there would be an inevitable increase in the number of people presenting themselves at the A&E unit at Scarborough Hospital. At the same time there is little doubt in my mind that our Town’s A&E department would find itself in the second tier of the newly proposed A&E structure which would limit the kind of treatment currently received by patients,” said Cllr Billing.
For more information call David on 07970 485690