Counting the carbon and the cash

 I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner, but I have now told my gas supplier to stick their bill up their ****, and have set in motion a switch to another supplier who is not only cheaper, but does much more to protect the environment.

Their name is Good Energy, and their electricity is generated entirely from renewable sources. Obviously gas isn’t renewable, but profits they make from selling gas helps make more money for renewables.

The public’s disgust with energy companies is now on a par with bankers, and I am pleased that this is making people think more about how much we pay for energy and where it comes from. This has meant that my initiative in calling for an energy advice centre in Scarborough, now established as Choices4Energy in Hanover Road, has seen a growing footfall of consumers looking for ways out of the energy price spiral. The shop has been very fruitful, in only six months it has helped people save £thousands and advised on insulation, saving tonnes of CO2. More

Cold Callous and Calculating

Is there no end to the ways that the Conservatives trample on the lives of the people least able to protect themselves?

Minolta DSCApparently not! Now Conservative North Yorkshire is planning to leave elderly people needing care with NO money at all after they have paid for their essentials.  NOTHING!  No money for a newspaper; no money to buy a birthday card for a grandchild.  NOTHING! More

Tackling the energy crunch – help is on the way

Once again news has emerged of how big energy companies have been working together to fix prices. This time it is big oil, in the recent past it has been big energy utility companies seeking to maintain high prices. The poor consumer has to pay the price.  Many more people now face fuel poverty.

That’s why I am pleased that the Borough Council has taken up my proposal for an energy advice shop, which will be run initially for a trial period of one year. It will be based in Hanover Road, near Scarborough rail station and opens on Saturday, 18th May. The object of the shop is to provide an independent focal point for residents to learn more about energy efficiency in the home, renewable energy, energy ‘switching’ (where consumers can pool together to bulk buy energy at lower cost) and other money saving devices like water meters. More


Baronesss Thatcher is to get a state funeral in all but name, and not merely because the Queen will attend – even if the last funeral of a prime minister she attended actually WAS a state funeral, that of Sir Winston Churchill. From the commentary we’ve heard since Thatcher’s death, the narrative has been that she was the greatest peacetime prime minister the UK had in the twentieth century, if not in all time. Therefore it is said she deserves a big send off at taxpayer’s expense.
Her death of course has sparked a debate about her legacy and position in history. But was she really the greatest peacetime PM we’ve ever had? Listening to Tory pundits she sorted out the UK economy, smashed the unions and put Britain back on the world stage, defeating General Galtieri and schmoozing Gorbachev (thus ending the Cold War) to boot.
The truth is rather different, More

Continuing scourge of fuel poverty

According to estimates by the Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE), Government spending to tackle fuel poverty has been cut by 47%, with next year’s spending on improving the energy efficiency of the homes of vulnerable people set at £540m. Speaking to The Independent, Jenny Holland of ACE said: “Fuel poverty is a scourge that the government has committed to eradicate by 2016. But instead of investing to end the problem, it has opted to slash the funding to help our most vulnerable citizens…Without more funding, fuel poor households will conclude that the Government has simply abandoned them.”