Local councillor selected as Labour candidate for the General Election

Eric Broadbent

Eric Broadbent

Scarborough councillor and former Mayor, Eric Broadbent, has been selected as the Labour candidate for Scarborough and Whitby for the General Election on the 8th June.
Mr Broadbent attended Northstead and Friarage County Modern Schools, before being taken on as an apprentice coach-builder with Plaxtons. Married with three grown up children, Eric has been a local councillor for over 20 years and has previously served as Mayor of Scarborough.
He is currently Borough Councillor for Scarborough Central Ward, County Councillor for Northstead Division and leader of the Labour group on North Yorkshire County Council.

Corbyn win!

What a fantastic result for the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn wins a massive 59% of the vote. I am so pleased that I nominated Jeremy and the CLP backed my nomination.

Jeremy can and will galvanise this party rather than some would have us believe it being a disastrous result.

Jeremy is a true socialist and I for one firmly believe this is why so many thousands of citizens across the country have joined the Labour Party .

Along with Tom Watson as Deputy Leader and also supported by this CLP this party can only go from strength to strength.

I am once again looking forward to the fight ahead leading up to 2020


Ian McInnes on Scarborough Hospital

Ian on Scarborough Hospital.

This government’s reckless reorganisation of the NHS is behind the major incident that has been declared at Scarborough Hospital”

I have spoken with the excellent doctors and nurses at the hospital and am sure they are doing all they can at this difficult time.

A major incident at the largest employer in Scarborough is a problem for people across Whitby and Scarborough who rely heavily on the services it can provide. With the hospital effectively closed until further notice, people’s health and indeed people’s lives are being put at risk…read more

Mike Proctor of Scarborough Hospital in a BBC interview

Labour Party’s Manifesto for Europe 2014 election

ballot boxLater this month, elections to the European Parliament will be held in all member states of the European Union (EU). The date for elections to the European Parliament in the United Kingdom will be Thursday 22 May 2014. This will mark the eighth Europe-wide election to the European Parliament since the first direct elections in 1979. There are currently 13 Labour MEPs in Europe and 70 Labour candidates will be entered for the election in 2014.

You can download Labour’s manifesto for the European elections here.


Spital Bridge – What a tip!

Diana Jeuda, Labour candidate for Streonshalh, writes about her concerns about the tip at Spital Bridge.
I attended the Town Council together with two local residents to hear the discussion about the tip at Spital Bridge. Spital BridgeAs everyone knows, when it was the main town refuse tip, it was well run, clean, with skips that were regularly emptied. Yes, it was a pity that it was so close to the houses of local residents, but as tips go, it was not offensive.
How different it is today!
A badly fenced area where building rubbish is piled high together with no possibility of this rubbish having been sorted to check for inappropriate waste such as food, oil, and other hazardous substances. The area is not secure with no proper protection for children getting in – and if they do, the area is just waiting for an accident to happen. More