A Governement that will fight for you

Ed Miliband has shown that he understands what people want and need. He’s shown the leadership to take on David Cameron’s cruel and divisive government and reverse their policies on the bedroom tax, on the NHS, on schools, on the minimum wage, and much more. It’s time for us to stand beside him and fight for his vision of a better Britain

Syria Debate

If Ed Miliband and the Labour Party hadn’t provided the leadership they did, we would be now on the road to another disastrous international intervention.  At a time when …political parties and parliament are under attack as being irrelevant to people’s lives, this demonstrates how the executive can be challenged and held to account.

It also shows the importance of building political alliances.  The Labour party alone could not have stopped it.  We do not have a parliamentary majority.  But by welcoming to Labour’s campaign to block this wild and warmongering proposal, all people of goodwill on this issue, it was possible to stand up for what is right – and to WIN.
Cameron’s government is rushing hell bent towards destroying any notion of a  decent and civilised society.  The Labour Party will do all that it can to oust them from government at the next General Election.
But in the meantime we need to continue to try to block the move to wholesale privatisation and destruction of our public services and the ever increasing attack on public sector workers.  We look to all people of goodwill to join us in this battle.