Public Outrage As Tories Ignore The Views of Whitby People

park and rideAfter a hard fought community campaign led by Whitby & District Labour Party, local residents and businesses were ignored when Conservative Councillors forced through a ream of parking control measures that jeopardize the future of Whitby.

In a heated debate at the Coast and Moors Area Committee meeting on Thursday 19th September, hundreds of community members made clear their opposition to an ill-considered parking scheme that threatens to kill off the economic development of the seaside town. More

Syria Debate

If Ed Miliband and the Labour Party hadn’t provided the leadership they did, we would be now on the road to another disastrous international intervention.  At a time when …political parties and parliament are under attack as being irrelevant to people’s lives, this demonstrates how the executive can be challenged and held to account.

It also shows the importance of building political alliances.  The Labour party alone could not have stopped it.  We do not have a parliamentary majority.  But by welcoming to Labour’s campaign to block this wild and warmongering proposal, all people of goodwill on this issue, it was possible to stand up for what is right – and to WIN.
Cameron’s government is rushing hell bent towards destroying any notion of a  decent and civilised society.  The Labour Party will do all that it can to oust them from government at the next General Election.
But in the meantime we need to continue to try to block the move to wholesale privatisation and destruction of our public services and the ever increasing attack on public sector workers.  We look to all people of goodwill to join us in this battle.

Steve Siddons for Ramshill

SBC by-election Thursday 22 August

Steve Siddons (left), Labour candidate for Ramshill by-election briefs his campaign team

Diana Jeuda writes about her experience as part of the Labour team on the doorstep in Ramshill:
The last Sunday before polling day and its neck and neck – and Labour could be set for a dramatic Labour win in Ramshill!  That’s provided that everyone who says they are Labour actually goes out to vote!
The Labour team is going flat out and Labour’s Steve Siddons is delighted with how the campaign is going. More

Labour and the trade union movement

The Labour Party was set up by the trade union movement to provide a political voice for working people but it is now much more than that. It aims to speak for EVERYONE who shares our values. But that trade union connection is important in keeping us grounded and in touch with what working people think is important. It also provides a real link – important at a time when all political parties have a small individual membership. We should remember that more than 6.5 million people belong to trade unions.
Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the particular selection in Falkirk, the principle of Unions trying to get more union members into the House of Commons is important. Our MPs are now increasingly professional and middle class with too little shared experience with those millions of people who are not these things.
For many years I was Political Officer for the Shop Workers’ union, Usdaw, and in my day our Rules only allowed us to sponsor our members who had worked in our trades. Sadly, this is no longer the case for my union and for most unions. But this is partly the result of our better educational chances. Labour’s abolition of the eleven plus and the near universality of comprehensive schools mean that many, many more working class boys and girls get the educational opportunities that allow them to progress into professional and managerial jobs. Because of this, unions have an even bigger responsibility to look among its members to find people who will represent from their own practical experience a section of society increasingly absent in political decision making. Turning to the current controversy . Paying someone’s Labour Party membership fees for them is clearly wrong – but trying hard to encourage union members to join individual Labour parties is clearly right. We should never forget this!
When I hear the Tories baying for blood, their hypocrisy makes me sick.
All union members have a choice as to whether they pay into Unions’ political funds. If they don’t want any part of their subscription to be used for political work, they can opt out.
So unlike the Conservatives. Look at the companies that give money to the Conservative party! Can shareholders opt their share holding out? No Way! And do the CBI and the Employers’ Federations lobby the Conservative Party? Of course they do! And what about all those companies? We KNOW that they do their best to influence the Conservative Party. The difference is it’s all behind closed doors.
But that’s the Conservative Party for you! One law for them and another for everyone else. Such double standards.

Potash Jobs YES – but not at any price

“Jobs Yes – but not at any price” said Diana Jeuda, co-ordinator of Whitby Labour Party’s three month investigation into York Potash’s proposal to mine for potash at Dove’s Nest, three miles south of Whitby. The Whitby Labour Party branch, backed by Scarborough and Whitby Constituency Labour Party, is pleased to support the proposed mine, but with a number of environmental and safeguarding provisos.

This far-reaching and thorough investigation included a meeting with the Chief Executive of York Potash to raise questions and to clarify matters of concern. Members of the Labour Party visited Boulby mine to experience underground working and talked to Boulby’s senior management to gather information. Following further study of UN and other reports together with stock market intelligence, the Labour Party now has a 5,000 word response which you can read here or download here. More

Don’t take out on children the shortcomings of their parents

Diana Jeuda, Labour candidate for Streonshalh writes:
“I was shocked at George Osborne’s response to the tragedy of the deaths of the Philpot children. Instead of looking to find ways where these vulnerable children could be identified and provided with appropriate protection, he attempted to make cheap political capital by suggesting that cutting the benefits of their parents would somehow have rescued the situation. More

Diana Jeuda, Labour candidate for Streonshalh and West Cliff writes:

I was out on the doorstep today in West Cliff and had a very good response from the people I met and talked to.
However I had one interesting and difficult conversation with a gentleman who told me that he had voted Labour for most of his life but wasn’t planning to do so this time. He told me had worked all his life, paid his taxes but didn’t feel what he felt were his taxes should go to people who weren’t working. In particular he felt that Labour was wrong to oppose the bedroom tax.
It’s clear from the opinion polls that his view is widely shared, but it is also clear that a lot of people haven’t thought through the real implications. I felt that it was important to have a discussion about it.
I told him about a young man I know in Whitby whose parents have died and as a result he lives alone in a two bedroom social housing flat. More

Streonshalh warms to Labour

canvassingDiana writes:
A good afternoon campaigning with the Labour team. I got a chance to talk to people as we went round with leaflets. I spoke to people who were very hostile about David Cameron and quite angry with how things are going. I also got a chance to talk about our policies and my own personal priorities. Lots of support for the stand we have taken on both the potash mine and Spital Bridge tip.

Spital Bridge – What a tip!

Diana Jeuda, Labour candidate for Streonshalh, writes about her concerns about the tip at Spital Bridge.
I attended the Town Council together with two local residents to hear the discussion about the tip at Spital Bridge. Spital BridgeAs everyone knows, when it was the main town refuse tip, it was well run, clean, with skips that were regularly emptied. Yes, it was a pity that it was so close to the houses of local residents, but as tips go, it was not offensive.
How different it is today!
A badly fenced area where building rubbish is piled high together with no possibility of this rubbish having been sorted to check for inappropriate waste such as food, oil, and other hazardous substances. The area is not secure with no proper protection for children getting in – and if they do, the area is just waiting for an accident to happen. More