Why Austerity is a Dangerous Political Choice

How many times have we been told

  • there is no money tree
  • government borrowing is madness
  • governments must balance the books
  • there is limited money
  • government spending is inflationary

ALL these statements are not realistic and merely represent a political programme commonly known as NEO-LIBERALISM/the FREE MARKET approach.

Four year freeze would hit residents hard

Members of the Labour Group on Scarborough Borough Council will support a recommendation to increase council tax by 1.94% at a meeting of the local authority on Friday. sbro_town_hall
Labour leader, Eric Broadbent says the implications for accepting a council tax freeze for a fourth year in a row will have damaging consequences for residents.
Cllr Broadbent said: “Across the country local authorities, including Tory controlled councils are having to make tough spending decisions because of the unnecessary and unwanted austerity measures being forced on local people by Central Government who seem hell bent on the eradication of public services. There can’t be many people in the Borough who really believe that ‘we’re all in it together.’ More

Labour Group votes to protect public services

MEMBERS of North Yorkshire County Council Labour Group will support plans to raise council tax by almost 2% at a meeting of the local authority on Wednesday 19 February.

Eric_BroadbentHowever, Eric Broadbent, Leader of the group says the decision does not imply wholesale support of the council’s financial strategy.

Cllr Broadbent said: “Local Authorities across the country, including Labour controlled councils, are having to take some very tough spending decisions because of the swingeing cuts being imposed by Central Government.

“These damaging cuts have seen a reduction in the Council’s budget of more than 30% since 2011, frontline services will be affected with the inevitable consequence that savings of this magnitude will impact most on those who are most vulnerable. More

The Council Tax Freeze

On the 22nd February, Scarborough Borough Council will meet to consider its budget for 2013/14. The ‘highlight’ of the debate will be whether to freeze the council tax at its current level, or go for a small increase. In many ways, the debate has already been settled by the government, whose controls over local authorities finances is now so complete that local councillors contribute little of meaningful value to the outcome. More