Grass Roots Beta

Hello all Comrades in Scarborough and Whitby! I want to welcome you to our new forum, a place where our growing membership can discuss issues and get things done. There is a digital reorganisation happening in the national party, but that need not stop us from getting more active, so I’ve used the open source software humhub as a tool to create our forum.

The forum works by creating ‘spaces’ which are like posting boards where you can create links, ideas, run polls etc. And some spaces have been set up in advance for the general membership which are as follows:

Local Politics (Scarborough and Whitby) – a place to post and talk about news and events that are happening across the political spectrum in our two local constituencies.

Labour Campaigns – for organisation of actions that the labour party is involved with.

Telephone Book – Ultimately, we need a movement that works as well offline as well as it does online. Please post here if you’d like to represent your area, offer lifts, or be a contact point for a particular event or campaign within the party. These contact details will be printed off and made available to all members requesting them, so please do not provide any contact details if you are unhappy about them being in the public domain.

Policy discussion – A space to discuss labour party policy – both national and local. Please note that this is an area for discussion for policy, and that for new policies to be taken up by Labour they have to move though the structure of the party – there is more on this within that discussion area.

Street level – a place to organise local meetings with other members in your area, as time goes on we hope to make these more frequent, so do check here or organise one yourself!

You can actually create your own spaces, this might be useful for specific projects  – feel free to do so.

You can visit the forum and register here

WE NEED YOU – Call for members to join the participation team!

All of this software is actually useless unless it is being used and is useful to people, so we want to build a team of people who can help drive participation and engagement with our membership, organise street meets, socials and other events, help write press releases and administer the forum & various social media outlets we use.

If interested, please contact or (+44)7898826501