Local councillor selected as Labour candidate for the General Election

Eric Broadbent

Eric Broadbent

Scarborough councillor and former Mayor, Eric Broadbent, has been selected as the Labour candidate for Scarborough and Whitby for the General Election on the 8th June.
Mr Broadbent attended Northstead and Friarage County Modern Schools, before being taken on as an apprentice coach-builder with Plaxtons. Married with three grown up children, Eric has been a local councillor for over 20 years and has previously served as Mayor of Scarborough.
He is currently Borough Councillor for Scarborough Central Ward, County Councillor for Northstead Division and leader of the Labour group on North Yorkshire County Council.

Commenting Mr Broadbent said:
“I am honoured to be selected as the Labour candidate for Scarborough and Whitby for the General Election.
My commitment to the area and experience serving as Mayor, Borough Councillor and County Councillor mean I am ideally placed to serve as a Member of Parliament.
I’ve been involved with the Trade Union movement all of my working life, and I’m not ready to give up the fight
Scarborough and Whitby deserves a local MP who will stand up for the many, not just a few.”

Anyone who wants to help Eric with his campaign please contact him or Nick Kemp, his agent.

Eric Broadbent, Labour Party Candidate
07538 316317
email: eric.broadbent@labour4scarboroughandwhitby.net

Nick Kemp, Agent
07803 432091
email: agent@labout4scarboroughandwhitby.net

5 thoughts on “Local councillor selected as Labour candidate for the General Election

  1. Hi, I’m coming over to Whitby on 27th May till 31st May for half term holidays and wanted to know if I could help out campaigning for you?

  2. Go for it! On the way tidy up the FB pages and add fifty new Labour youth stories. Why did Hull Uni abandon the Scarborough Campus? How many Hull Uni Scarborough graduates still live here and contribute to our community. Get out the young voters!

  3. I have voted Conservative ( or recently Ukip ) all my life, but I just cannot stand
    this Government and the immoral way they have been treating the poorest
    and most disable members of Society, nor the way they seem to be in total
    denial about food banks, the National Health Service,the ever increasing older
    Population and their abandonment, the continued cuts to Local Authorities
    etc.etc. I also like Jeremy Corbyn and his left wing policies and look forward to
    voting for Mr. Broadbent soon. Please however stop giving all this money away
    in Foreign Aid, when there is so much need for it here.It seems morally wrong to
    me not to pay the balance due to Equitable Life policy holders, when the amounts due have been calculated and the Ombudsman says it is due from the
    Government for failure to protect them and they should come before Foreigners.
    I hope Mr. Broadbent will add his support when the time comes. Good luck at the beginning of June.

    • Foreign Aid is our commitment to the poorest people on earth. It is not perfect. But if you want to cut things think about the corporations, wealthy and tax avoidance, even arms trade in the UK.

  4. Eric did not endorse Corbyn or the national campaign. He also failed to even mention the excellent manifesto. We need a candidate in tune with the real socialism of the Labour Party.

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