BWAFU £10 and A Union Campaign in Scarborough

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We have been supporting the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union in their £10 and a union campaign. We’d like to let local labour members know about their Day of Action demonstration in Scarborough Town Centre on the 14th at 5pm. For more information contact visit their Facebook page. Subscribe to their email list here

 We’ve asked them to provide a brief summary of their campaign for local labour members;

“On the 14th April at 5pm in Scarborough town centre, we will be having our own demonstration in solidarity with all the workers in the American “FIGHT FOR $15” who will be on strike this day as part of a global day of action. The aim of this will be to bring awareness of our campaign amongst food and retail workers in the town centre and to bring these workers into political activism and trade unionism. We want this campaign in Scarborough to be a cross-union, cross-party campaign because a £10 an hour minimum wage would improve the lives of all of us and only by all of us uniting can we win. If you want to get involved with us then please join us on the 14th of April for our day of action. We plan to do some in-workplace petitioning and leafletting with a demonstration outside the workplaces to show to the workers that the public do care about these workers and they are not a forgotten and trodden-on part of our society, they work hard in often quite dangerous conditions with no guarantee of hours and having to rely on working tax credits in order to top up their wages to a living wage. We believe that the companies that employ these workers ought to pay them a full living wage of at least £10 an hour and we believe that we will win!

For further information on how to get involved or if you are already in a trade union branch that would like to get involved and support our campaign then please contact BFAWU Steve on 07540599170”

As well as networking workers and getting them clued up on their rights, BFAWU are also delivering a national petition to government – so far collecting thousands of signatures in Glasgow, London, Cambridge, Sheffield, Wakefield, Manchester and several hundred from Scarborough.

How you can help and stay up to date:

1. Come to the day of action demonstration in town on the 14th at 5pm.
2. Get involved on social media and help spread the word about the campaign.
4. Talk to your fellow employees and friends about the campaign, and let us know what you find.
5. Contact / 07540599170 about your workplace issues and getting involved in our network of activists – it’s a social thing too!
3. Go to here to sign up for email updates.

As much as we can set up good worker’s rights, the current protections for workers are not enforced – for an alarming number of jobs in Scarborough working conditions have rolled back to the 1930s, with people regularly having less than only a handful of hours between night and morning shifts as opposed to the 11 hours which the law guarantees, being clocked out by the employer when it’s quiet, and not being paid past opening and closing times, even though it takes an hour to open or close the business. The trend setters in this exploitation are the multi-national businesses, not necessarily small local businesses. This is why it’s absolutely vital that we as a party support groups like BWAFU that are actually going out and educating workers.

BFAWU also supports us, Jeremy Corbyn came to their yearly conference in Scarborough in February – and many of them are card carrying labour members who want to use this campaign as an opportunity to build a platform for a Scarborough Labour victory in a few years time.

We are already actively supporting their campaign, and we have been present at their stalls. The BFAWU campaigners have fantastic energy and are a joy to be around. They are looking for labour members to take the message into their workplaces and the wider community, and of course they are happy to discuss work place issues members may be having. They need all the support they can get, so if you have any skills and time that you can offer them, do contact


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