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expect-opposition-really_img-300x185It is now quite clear after the arrogant and offensive comments made by the new Leader of Scarborough Borough Council Cllr Bastiman and his sidekick Cllr Backhouse in yesterday’s Full Council Meeting (see yesterday’s report of the meeting) that as the official opposition the Labour Group is going to continue to scrutinise every single policy with a fine toothcomb before either lending our support or totally opposing said policies.

Because of the stance taken by these Selfservatives in power at the Town Hall it is clear to me that they had no intention of forming a good solid working arrangement with the Labour Group which would have been in the best interests of those we serve.

I personally find it extremely distasteful in the way Cllr Bastiman has gone about his business from day one as Leader of the Council, but at least we know what kind of politician he clearly is and is probably going to continue in the same fashion.

The Labour Group of 14 good solid councillors will in my opinion work very well as a team against the onslaught of any Tory Policy that is contrary to Labour Party Policy or indeed how we feel is not in the best interests of those we serve.

It is very clear that the Tory Group cannot and will not accept criticism in any shape or form, they take it extremely personally, rather than constructively as it is meant.

As the Deputy Leader of the Labour Group I will continue to give my total support to our Leader Cllr Siddons at every twist and turn over the next 4 Years in opposition, as I am sure the other 12 Labour Councillors will do so too.

In four years’ time I am also sure that after another period of inept Tory administration and good opposition we will again increase our ranks in the Town Hall with a view of forming our own administration.

The ballot box in 2015 clearly showed that the public wanted change in Scarborough and Whitby, however the Tories are clearly trying to deny them that change by voting for self interest rather than our residents’ best interests in the Council Chamber.

I am looking forward to the next 4 years with relish and whilst in opposition we can and will hold our heads high whenever we step into that political arena called the Council Chamber, the same cannot be said of the Tory administration.

 Onwards and Upwards, Comrades!



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  1. well said comrade sounds like its only a matter of time before he becomes a figure of fun and disgust in equal measures

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