Big Fat Lie Exposed!

Former Cabinet Minister Alan Johnson joined Scarborough & Whitby Labour Parliamentary Candidate Ian McInnes’ at Local Industry, Jobs & Services Consultation Event-

(AND to “Nail the big fat lie”)

Representatives of local private and public industries & services had a chance to feed their concerns to local Labour Candidate Ian McInnes and former Cabinet Minister Alan Johnson at a consultation event this week (Saturday 18th April) at the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

The future of local Tourism, Manufacturing, Health, Caring, Entertainment, Farming, Fishing, Education, Mining, future Offshore Industries and Public & Private Sector Services are all to be covered in a local Economy and Services fact finding session organised by Labour’s Ian McInnes.

DSC_0880Ian McInnes said,
“I’m campaigning for a real change so we can use the incredible local assets and collective potential we have here on the coast. To do this we have to enable and encourage local people, businesses and government to work together as never before.”

“I grew up here and know the key to our future is better jobs and prospects. The Coast and Moors are being short changed with low wage jobs and in-work poverty.

The Scarborough and Whitby area is full of people of all ages with skills, motivation and real passion but many don’t realise their full potential and many move away because of limited opportunity here.”

Joining Ian at the event was former Cabinet Minister and Hull West & Hessle MP, Alan Johnson.

Alan is well known as a former Health Secretary, Education Secretary and Home Secretary in the Labour Government.

Many in Scarborough also remember his first Ministerial role at the Department of Trade & Industry where he played a key role in securing the £20m deal that saved 200 local jobs and the future of  local coach-builders Plaxtons, as well as ensuring assistance for those made redundant at that time with extensive funds for retraining and local economic development.

Alan Johnson has been campaigning across the country holding George Osborne to account, noting under the Conservatives:

  • the flagship policy to clear the deficit in one term has totally failed,
  • we have lost the triple-A rating for the first time,
  • we have borrowing up not down
  • and have debt rising faster than anywhere but Spain.

He said,
“The big fat lie has to be challenged and nailed.
Labour didn’t create the recession and Osborne is not creating the recovery.
It is quite simple.”

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