Real Change- A fair transport deal for the Yorkshire Coast

Labour Anger as David Cameron’s “biggest investment in the railways since the Victorians” excludes the line to Scarborough
‘These Plans Stop Short. The Coast is being Sold Short’

Ian McInnesLabour’s Ian McInnes, Scarborough & Whitby candidate at next year’s general election, reacted angrily to news that Yorkshire Coast passengers have been excluded from today’s Rail Modernisation announcement.

Ian, who has been running a series of consultation meetings on Transport in Scarborough & Whitby said,
“David Cameron today announced the HS3 and electrification of the north Transpennine route as ‘the biggest investment in the railways since the Victorians’.

“But the Coast has been left out of that planned investment and the Scarborough to York line looks likely to be downgraded to a branch line.
Bizarrely, the Transpennine Rail electrification excludes Scarborough but Blackpool, and Windermere, with just a fraction of Scarborough’s visitors, will be electrified.

“I have been consulting people on Transport Links in Scarborough & Whitby  and the results will soon be published. Many Scarborough residents have told me they depend on these direct services for both work and for visiting relatives and friends. Those with mobility issues are particularly glad that they currently do not to have to change trains, but the very thought of transferring luggage and push chairs between the two or three trains in future is daunting to many.
“The Coast must not be left out of the biggest rail modernisation programme for more than a century The consultation on these changes closed in Summer but between now and the December ‘invitation to tender’ deadline we must make sure Transport Ministers make a better decision.
“Electrifying the lines to Scarborough would ensure that we were connected to the rest of the ‘Northern Power House’ in an appropriate way. We need to invest in this work in order to keep and attract more employers to the Yorkshire Coast, keeping and creating more jobs.
“These plans will worsen the effect of the current North-South divide for the Yorkshire Coast by adding a North-North divide”

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