Labour selects former Whitby & Scarborough student as General Election candidate

Ian McInnesFormer Whitby Community College and Yorkshire Coast College student Ian McInnes has been selected as Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for next year’s General Election.

Ian, formerly an outdoor pursuits executive organising events throughout the UK, plans to replace local Tory MP Robert Goodwill in the May 2015 General Election and become Labour’s second ever MP for the constituency

Ian was a pupil at Lealholm Primary School, Eskdale School and Whitby Community College. At the time of the historic election of Labour’s first MP for Whitby in 1997 he was Labour candidate in the Community College’s mock election. Ian later went on to Yorkshire Coast College in Scarborough.

Until his selection as prospective parliamentary candidate for Scarborough and Whitby Ian was Director of Development and Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Widehorizons Outdoor Education Trust organising adventure learning throughout the UK.

Ian told Labour members at their selection meeting that Scarborough & Whitby desperately needed an MP who could lead regeneration of the area so that local young people can have good jobs and prospects without having to move away.

“My family still lives here but when I was 18 I moved away from the area because like so many young people I felt, with few jobs and prospects, that there was nothing here for me. That doesn’t need to happen to our children and grandchildren.

The Scarborough and Whitby area is full of people with real skills, real motivation and real passion but our local Conservative MP and Councils have become complacent and stale; that leadership needs replacing. We need people with drive, vision and passion for our future. Services to support and nurture our young people shouldn’t be just adequate, but as good as the rest of the country, if not the very best in the country.

Central government and out of touch local authorities have been allowed to ignore the challenges faced by coastal and rural communities, that must be stopped. We have incredible local assets and collective potential here on the coast; to release that we have to enable and encourage local people, business and government to work together as never before. This all needs an MP working exclusively and full time for Scarborough and Whitby.

2 thoughts on “Labour selects former Whitby & Scarborough student as General Election candidate

  1. Does Ian agree with Ed Milliband in wanting to tax farmers and shops more?All that will do is increase the cost of everything we eat. I feel he will be trying his hardest to convince the electorate that labour will not tax them more.
    What are his views on the MPs expenses scandal? Is he wanting the EU to take control of our fishing fleets or is he against the EU taking control of our fishing fleet?

    • Thanks for you comment, I think it is vital that we are able to keep a hold of the fishing heritage that Scarborough and Whitby have. In order to do this, I feel that we need to get the balance right between allowing the stocks to replenish whilst not jeopardising the jobs and employment that the fishing industry creates. I wouldn’t want to see the EU “take control” of our fleets, I think that is a job for us to do. However, European co-ordination and expertise is very welcome. Our long serving Labour MEP, Linda McAvan, is able to make sure that our voices and concerns are heard at the European Parliament.
      As for the shops and farmers, the cost of living crisis is being felt by many people, some of those people are running small business. We need to do all we can to deal with this, that’s why I’m proud that Labour are proposing a cut in business rates. I grew up on a farm in Lealholm and saw first hand how tough it can be. There have been scare stories suggesting that farms would lose their exemption from business rates, but (quoting the Daily Telegraph 08 Jun 2014): “A Labour spokesman said: ‘This is not a Labour Party report or Labour Party policy. A future Labour government would cut business rates for small businesses.'”
      I personally feel we need to be doing all we can to support our farmers through these tough times.
      I hope this has answered your questions. I worry what damage five more years of a Tory government will do. We need real change to happen, I hope you’re able to be a part of the change.

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