Wheatcroft Long Sea Outfall from McCains Plant Eastfield.

Persistence rewarded for Cllr Tony Randerson

I have raised the poor condition of the Long Sea Outfall that is used only by the McCains plant in Eastfield on a number of occasions with The North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority of which I am a member via North Yorkshire County Council.\

Local fishermen and the surfing fraternity have voiced their concerns about effluent being discharged because of fractures to this pipe, which has been in place for some 17 years.

I was finally invited to attend a meeting on  20 June in York to hear Yorkshire Water’s plans for this outfall which was attended by officers from the Environment Agency, Scarborough Borough Council, McCains and of course Yorkshire Water. I am delighted to say that Yorkshire Water has now agreed funding to rectify this long- standing hazard. 

A couple of choices were presented:

  • an onshore filtration plant, and
  • a completely new long shore pipe.

However I am pleased and relieved that persistence has paid dividends.Yorkshire Water will probably go down the route of a completely new pipe some two miles out to sea because of a number of problems with an onshore facility, which would certainly be my preference to protect marine life and indeed to provide a much cleaner North Sea for the surfing fraternity.

Ongoing necessary repairs will be undertaken until 2016 by Yorkshire Water. The Environment Agency will continue to monitor the effluent. However, where there have been fractures there is apparently no threat to humans because these are not classed as bathing waters.

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