March through Scarborough organised by Trades Council

While 1000s marched through major cities across the UK on 20 October, the Scarborough and DistrictTrades Council, accompanied by Labour Party and Green Party members, held its own march through Scarborough’s Town Centre on Saturday to protest against the Coalition Government’s savage cuts that will mostly affect  the poor and the vulnerable in our society.

Our Scarborough march was well attended, and leaflets condemning the Government’s stance were handed to Scarborough residents and visitors as the march wove its way through Scarborough’s shoppers.
The vast majority cheered us on and several stopped to tell their own heart-rending stories of benefits denied to vulnerable people, while others joined us as we went along. There is little sympathy for this Government in Scarborough. It’s a government we just can’t afford.

One thought on “March through Scarborough organised by Trades Council

  1. What a good reception we got on the March! I personally gave out lots of leaflets to local people and to plenty of visitors too. There were a lot of smiles and Good Lucks from people.

    It was a very cheertful march – but it had its sombre side too.

    I had a heart rending conversation with a young man out with his two children. His wife (who wasn’t with them)has terminal cancer and is now in a wheel chair She has just lost her benefits because she has been reclassified as fit for work. The family will be nearly £300 a month worse off.

    What sort of government is this who expects a dying woman with small children to go out to work, takes away her benefits even if she can’t find work, yet at the same time gives tax handouts to rich? It makes you weep – and indeed it was difficult to stay calm and say supporting things to this young family.

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