Stepping up the pressure

What a difference three years make. Back in 2010 our constituency Labour Party was at a low ebb. We had lost heavily at the General Election and had just two Scarborough councillors and not a single County Councillor.

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As we move into 2014, we can see that the tide is turning and we really are getting back into our stride with the election of:

  • 9 Borough councillors
  • 4 County Councillors, as well as
  • Several members serving as parish and town councillors.

And these councillors really are making a difference and forcing those in power to reconsider decisions and to sit up and take notice of what the people of Scarborough and Whitby really want. Just one example is the recent campaign led by the local Labour Party to persuade NYCC to reconsider its parking zone arrangements for Whitby. This campaign generated an enormous response from all sectors of the community and resulted in several major concessions from NYCC in order to meet local people’s needs.  Party membership is growing in all parts of the constituency as people of all ages once again decide  to put their faith in the Labour Party.

Our next big task in the constituency is going to be the selection of a candidate to represent the constituency of Scarborough and Whitby on behalf of the Labour Party at the next General Election in May 2015. We know this seat is winnable; it won’t be easy but we are building the resources and enthusiasm to make it happen. Labour Party members  wishing to be considered as candidates should contact our CLP secretary without delay to find out more:

One thought on “Stepping up the pressure

  1. Could any interested members interested in becoming Borough Councillors also put their names forward in readiness for the May 2015 Elections. Members may also have friends who are Labour supporters that may join the party in order to become prospective candidates in time for the 2015 Elections ?
    The Labour Group of Borough Councillors has grown significantly and are keen to increase their numbers to possibly even take control on the Borough Council in 2015.
    In order to do this we need to have credible candidates in place over the next few months.

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