Mandatory Work Activity Scheme (MWA)

On Monday 6 January during Scarborough Borough Councils Full Council Meeting a question was put to The Portfolio Holder by Labour Cllr Challen regarding the council’s blatant exploitation of the Governments Mandatory Work Scheme.

(Mandatory Work Activity (MWA) is a workfare programme in the United Kingdom that started in May 2011, whereby individuals must work for their benefits or risk being “sanctioned” and losing them. An academic analysis by the DWP cast doubt on the effectiveness of the scheme.Nevertheless, in June 2012, the scheme received a £5m expansion)

Tony Randerson Labour’s Cllr Tony Randerson a former Trade Union Official, was incensed that SBC had been using this abhorrent scheme by forcing some 120 people since 2011 to undertake training / work for zero pay. Cllr Randerson spoke extremely strongly against this exploitation likening it to 21st Century Slave Labour.

A review of this scheme took place the following day, and it was promptly abandoned, although many questions  still need answering by the administration regarding its utilisation of this scheme in the first place.

This fantastic result shows Labour is the only credible opposition at SBC and the only party that truly cares for the welfare and working conditions of local working people. Labour at Work is showing that the Tories, propped up by the Independents, are truly rattled by challenging questions from the Labour Group . An administration in disarray.

Roll on 2015!

3 thoughts on “Mandatory Work Activity Scheme (MWA)

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  2. Well done to our councillors. This “21st Century slave labour” scheme is a scandal and must be abolished immediately. Why does our government insist on attacking ‘benefit cheats’, who account for less than £2 billion when corporation tax avoiders/evaders get away with not paying almost £100 billion? And when will a Labour government have the guts to take them on?

  3. Many thanks Gerald, nice to know that the Scarborough Group of Labours Councillors success over this has spread country wide. We now need to keep the “heat turned up” on the Tories in the Town Hall leading right up to 2015.

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