Tories threaten Scarborough walk-in health centre?

Cllr David BillingFEARS have been raised that medical facilities in Scarborough will be closed or downgraded after the health watchdog – Monitor revealed that 53 out of 238 walk-in centres have been closed in recent months.
Scarborough County Councillor David Billing, a member of NYCC’s Scrutiny of Health Committee raised the issue at a full meeting of the authority held earlier this week. A consultation about the future of Scarborough’s Town Centre medical facility will begin in January.
Cllr Billing said: “There is widespread concern in Scarborough about the fate of the Walk-In Centre of York Place. This is a highly regarded and well used facility and its closure would be a great loss.”
Cllr Billing says that people’s fears have been compounded by Sir Bruce Keogh’s, medical director of NHS England, announcement about the possibility of the introduction of a two tier A&E system across the country.
“If the York Place facility were to close there would be an inevitable increase in the number of people presenting themselves at the A&E unit at Scarborough Hospital. At the same time there is little doubt in my mind that our Town’s A&E department would find itself in the second tier of the newly proposed A&E structure which would limit the kind of treatment currently received by patients,” said Cllr Billing.
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