Randerson for Eastfield

ballot boxOur Scarborough Branch has chosen NYCC Councillor Tony Randerson to contest the Eastfield by-election for Labour. The by-election will be held on the 21st November, and we have a very good chance of winning if we can get our supporters out to vote – after all, Tony won the Eastfield and Osgodby seat on the County Council in May.

The campaign has already started and we will be meeting every Sunday in the Proudfoot supermarket car park in Eastfield at 11am until Sunday 17th November.

If you want to get involved in the campaign, please do, even if you can’t make it this Sunday there are others ways of helping. Contact the agent Jim Brace on 07833 940183 for more info.

Let’s build on our success over the last two years – the Labour group on Scarborough Borough Council has grown from just two to eight, and we are once again putting the Tories on the spot.

vote labour

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