Councillor Broadbent calls in decision on Park and Ride

park and rideThe call in against the decision of the Yorkshire Coast and Moors special meeting on  19 September, to implement the Whitby Park and Ride will now be heard at County Hall on 9 October. 

Eric_BroadbentAs leader of the Labour Group I called the decision in as our Councillors were against the scheme being implemented as we felt the there were still many questions to be answered about the present viability of the scheme, issues that local residents had raised that if not addressed could adversely affect residents, visitors and local businesses.

We still believe that a twelve month review should take place, including justification of the scheme before anything is implemented.

County Councillor Eric Broadbent.
Councillor Eric Broadbent  Labour Central Ward Councillor, SBC

3 thoughts on “Councillor Broadbent calls in decision on Park and Ride

  1. Great news that the threatened 11 zone system for parking in Whitby has now been overthrown in favour a of a single zone for the centre of Whitby. However, as ever, the devil will be in the detail. For starters we don’t know the boundaries of the zone and we don’t know about any disc parking restrictions. The ludicrously expensive bottomless pit that is the P&R seems however to be gong ahead, defying all logic!

  2. Good so far, but the one zone idea fails to meet the needs of the population of Whitby who live outside the zone, their parking problems will be much worse than now. It will be difficult for them to go to work or shop in town . Also some who formerly would have parked within the zone area will also compete for parking outside the zone. It will make it very difficult for country people from the villages to either shop or work in town, this will inevitably lead to reduction of trade and therefor resulting in job losses. It is distinctly possible that the unintended longer term result may be a fall in tourism for Whitby and this part of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, and a lot of unemployment in the area.

  3. What is needed is a simple one zone system, which provides genuine priority parking for Whitby residents, followed by parking for commuters, the customers of the various businesses including the B&B and hotel trades,and parking permits for tradespeople/the disabled etc. Day visitors must be made to park on the park and ride car park, no 3 hour disc parking, no scratch cards. The Wafer/Hadley report, commissioned by SBC shows quite clearly that day visitors to the area served by SBC have an average spend of just 38p (thirty eight pence) each, so why should we be spending £4 million providing car parking and a further £280,000 pa for the bus service, to ferry them about, to enable them to clog our streets, create litter, nuisances of all kinds, and then spend just 38p each? This figure of 38p was quoted by Hilary Jones at a recent SBC meeting, I thought that I had misheard her so got her to confirm this figure in writing. The whole scheme is a complete fiasco.

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