Council Tax Benefit Cuts Bite

Recipients of Council Tax benefit will lose cash every week from 1 April.
These changes have come about because the coalition government is cutting the current sum given to the council
by 10% and now capping the total amount.
Although this will not affect pensioners it is estimated that around six and a half thousand households will be affected throughout the Borough and means that everyone regardless of means will pay at least 20% of their Council Tax bill.
Speaking in response to the changes Labour Councillor David Billing said:
“Irrespective of whether or not you’ve got any cash you will still be expected to cough up 20% and don’t forget this will be on top of other so-called benefit reforms i.e. cuts. In that respect it’s like the poll tax.
And it comes with other changes:

  •        maximum savings allowed before reduction of this benefit will be reduced from £16000 to £6000;
  •         all benefits wiil be capped at 20% of a Band C property so woe betide if you happen to have fallen on hard times whilst living in a property above Band C;
  •         Child Benefit and Child Maintenance will now count as income where previously they would have been disregarded.

In this double-dip recession I predict that many already poor families will be even harder hit. It will make it even less surprising that Save the Children should have mounted an appeal for this country and I have been asked if any organisation in the Borough runs a food bank!”

Contact details: David Billing, 07813139130 (mob), email:

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