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Parking-Sign-K-7197Whitby and District Branch Labour Party is leading a community campaign calling for a root and branch re-think of North Yorkshire County Council’s plans for parking in Whitby. The online petition hosted by 38 degrees has garnered over 500 signatures by the end of its first full day.

Sign the petition online now at http://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/one-zone-parking-for-whitby

We, the residents of Whitby, call on North Yorkshire County Council to revise its parking proposals to just one zone for Whitby with permits available for surrounding villages.

Why is this important? The current proposals are too complicated and will limit visits to friends and family, isolate elderly and restrict residents’ use of amenities such as the beach, and put local businesses at risk by making access to Whitby difficult for residents of surrounding villages.

This proposal is MADNESS! What we want is ONE simple zone.

I live on Church Street, but if I can’t park there, I will no longer be able to park in the surrounding streets.

Instead I have to go to Zone A which is more than 20 minutes walk away. What happens if it’s late at night (particularly when North Yorkshire have turned off the street lighting next year)? Presumably I am expected to walk home alone in the dark? So it’s pouring with rain? So my asthma is bad? So what then?

Yet there may well be parking spaces much closer to home! But apparently I can’t use them! WHY?
There’s worse to come! If we want to visit friends and families in other zones, apparently we’re expected not to want to spend the day with them!

If we’re there for more than 2 hours (3 hours in Zone A – why do they have special treatment?), then we have to ask for a scratch card from the person we are visiting (we can’t use our own) and residents are only allowed 50 a year.

So you have a children’s party? So you’re a grandparent who acts as a regular carer for a child in a different parking zone? So you’re housebound depending on family and friends for support? Those 50 scratch cards aren’t going to go very far. North Yorkshire’s proposals are going to stop us seeing friends and loved ones and will increase social isolation among the elderly.

And what about our amenities? The beach is incredibly popular with all of us. We have beach huts, we walk to Sandsend and back… we play on the beach. But if you live in the wrong zone, forget about taking your car to get there – unless you’re prepared to pay through the nose. All the sea front is payment meters with no arrangements for residents. Yet it’s a fairish walk from lots of bits of town Why should these mad parking arrangements restrict Whitby people from using this best loved part of Whitby.

And what if you’re at a party. I know lots of people who drive there and maybe walk home or get a taxi if they’ve had a glass too many to drive, They’ll pick up their car the next day perhaps after work or after taking the kids to school or maybe after a lie in on a weekend.

Forget that with the new scheme. You’re going to have to have removed your car by the time the parking starts! And what happens if you’ve had a heavy night and you think you may still be over the limit? Isn’t this an incentive to take a risk and take your car home at the end of the night… wrong to do, but… Why even put this into people’s minds?

And the bureaucracy! More parking wardens because EVERY car in Whitby will need to be examined to see that it’s in the right zone and for the right time. How much is THAT going to cost.

This is SO unnecessary. I asked today whether the two NYCC reps at the T!C today could tell me what advantage a lot of zones have over just one zone. They said there isn’t one!

We want just ONE zone if this Parking scheme is to go ahead. Come on Whitby, let’s tell NYCC and our two county Councillors that this scheme is wrong, wrong, WRONG!

Sign the petition online now at 38 Degrees. Or look out for a paper copy in your local shops, cafes, pubs and chippies. If you want copies to collect signatures yourself, you can download the petition form here. Please contact me, the Chair of Scarborough and Whitby Labour Party, from our Contacts page to discuss returning your signatures.

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