Cllr David Billing on the camapign trail for Newby and Ramshill

Both by-elections in Ramshill and Newby, Scarborough are to be held this coming Thursday ,22nd of August and I’ve being doing my best going around ‘stirring up apathy’ in Ramshill. For most people that is the less posh part of South Cliff so in some areas you get a better class of poverty under the coalition government who are still performing miracles via Atos.

“Mr Lazarus you  did not attend your interview therefore you are deemed fit to work.”

Ian Duncan Smith makes Jesus look like a shirker in his success rate at getting the lame to walk, the dead are raised to life etc. Full details: Matthew 11.5 or DWP press releases! Apologies to those people who do not like the message of the New Testament mixed up with moral codes.

I’m not sure what I make of the message on the doorstep. It is not hostile but I do feel that at times I’m being good naturedly treated as a harmless creature and that they can lie with impunity to regarding whether or not they will vote or who for. It still amazes how many “non-voters” have taken the trouble to obtain postal votes.

The County Council has been faced with yet another double whammy; only £92 million cuts we’ll add another £60 odd million cuts to that. My next blog will deal with how that will affect social care. Austerity works, yes it’s unfair Yorkshire Water could have paid tax. Don’t worry Mr Osborne made sure dividends were increased.

If you live in the Newby or Ramshill wards of Scarborough and you have not already voted by post please exercise your democratic right obtained over the years by much sacrifice and vote on Thursday.

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  1. I’ve decided that people who say they don’t vote often think that’s the quickest way of getting you off their doorstep!

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