Scarborough BC by-election

Labour campigning in RamshillNo surprises that two Conservative councillors have jumped ship and resigned from the Council causing by elections in Ramshill and Newby.  Who can blame them?  Who on earth would want to be associated with a Party that in government is dismantling the NHS, playing politics with our children’s education and squeezing the living standards of almost everybody – while at the same time giving mega tax handouts to the rich!

Labour has chosen Steve Siddons to fight Ramshill and Karl Maw to fight Newby and their campaigns are well under way as you can see from this pic of councillors Eric Broadbent, Colin Challen and Tina Davy discussing an excellent morning’s work with Ramshill organisers Jack Siddons and Josh Kermode. Labour got a great reception from almost everyone that the team met.  It was really encouraging how many people were leaving the Conservatives and switching to Labour.

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