Workers’ Memorial Day – 28 April

Dear All,
Once again I hope to arrange a suitable service on 28 April to commemorate workers who have lost their lives in their respective workplaces. I would hope that once again we can commemorate this in the Town Hall Gardens alongside the tree planted last year to lay wreaths with a short service hopefully by the vicar of St Mary’s Church.
Clearly I would wish for the Mayor and her consort to be guests and hope this date is still free for them to attend.

I would expect this service to commence at either 10am or 11am on 28 April. Could the various organisations please let me know if they intend to bring wreaths to lay, have Standard Bearers attend and if their representatives wish to say a few words during the service.

Any financial help from the Trade Unions or other organisations would also be most welcome to cover the costs of refreshments for attendees after the service in the Town Hall. 

Kind Regards,

Tony Randerson,
Labour Councillor
Eastfield Ward
32 Ashville Avenue
North Yorkshire
YO12 7NF


Labour Councillors propose cut to number of councillors in North Yorkshire

In their first policy announcement of the new year prior to local elections in May, Scarborough Borough Council Labour Group has called for a reduction in the number of councillors representing the borough’s area from 64 to 28. This would be part of a radical shake-up of local councils, by creating one council providing all services instead of the present two – North Yorkshire County Council and Scarborough Borough Council. In the Borough Council area there are currently 50 Borough Councillors and 14 County Councillors. More

Ian McInnes on Scarborough Hospital

Ian on Scarborough Hospital.

This government’s reckless reorganisation of the NHS is behind the major incident that has been declared at Scarborough Hospital”

I have spoken with the excellent doctors and nurses at the hospital and am sure they are doing all they can at this difficult time.

A major incident at the largest employer in Scarborough is a problem for people across Whitby and Scarborough who rely heavily on the services it can provide. With the hospital effectively closed until further notice, people’s health and indeed people’s lives are being put at risk…read more

Mike Proctor of Scarborough Hospital in a BBC interview

Ian’s Blog – 12 December 2014

Ian McInnes – Labour candidate for Scarborough and Whitby calls on Robert Goodwill to back Tuesday’s Equal Pay vote:

“Today I wrote to our MP calling on him to back a vote in Parliament on Equal Pay. The vote, next Tuesday (16th December) would introduce pay transparency across companies which employ over 250 staff, requiring them to publish their own gender pay gap yearly in their annual report.

Women’s magazine Grazia and Unite will be holding a rally in Parliament on the 16th calling on MPs to support the Labour Party motion, and will be joined by women from the original Ford Dagenham strike and cast members from the hit film ‘Made in Dagenham’.

Labour’s Mansion Tax: Six things you need to know

  1. Labour’s Mansion tax will help to fund our NHS for the future

  2.  Labour’s mansion tax will raise around £1.2 billion.

  3. Labour’s mansion tax will only apply to homes worth
    £2 million or more

  4. Labour’s mansion tax will protect those who are asset-rich but cash-poor.

  5. Labour’s mansion tax will be progressive.

  6. Labour’s mansion tax will use a simple banded system.

Read more

A recovery for the many, not just a privileged few – Ed Miliband speech

Ed_Miliband_2Click to see Ed Miliband explain his vision for the many

Thursday 13 November 2014

This election is a fight about a different direction for Britain, to make it work for everyday people, not just for a privileged few with:

  • A recovery that works for you and your family.
  • The next generation doing better than the last.
  • The NHS there when you need it.

And we’re in a fight not because our opponents think we’re destined to lose. We are in a fight because they fear we are going to win. Our task is simple: not to be distracted, but to focus on the prize of changing this country. More

Real Change- A fair transport deal for the Yorkshire Coast

Labour Anger as David Cameron’s “biggest investment in the railways since the Victorians” excludes the line to Scarborough
‘These Plans Stop Short. The Coast is being Sold Short’

Ian McInnesLabour’s Ian McInnes, Scarborough & Whitby candidate at next year’s general election, reacted angrily to news that Yorkshire Coast passengers have been excluded from today’s Rail Modernisation announcement.

Ian, who has been running a series of consultation meetings on Transport in Scarborough & Whitby said,
“David Cameron today announced the HS3 and electrification of the north Transpennine route as ‘the biggest investment in the railways since the Victorians’.

“But the Coast has been left out of that planned investment and the Scarborough to York line looks likely to be downgraded to a branch line. More

Shortlisted bidders for supplying services at Whitby Hospital

17 October 2014

Whitby Memorial HospitalAnnouncement of shortlisted bidders for providing community and out of hours services in Whitby and surrounding area
NHS Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby Clinical Commissioning Group (HRW CCG) has today announced the shortlisted bidders entering the second stage of the process to select a provider of community and out of hours services in Whitby and the surrounding area.
Following an extensive period of market engagement, a formal procurement process was launched on 19 August 2014 where all interested providers were invited to join the pre-qualification phase with the intention of identifying a shortlist of qualified potential bidders.
Providers were rigorously assessed on their likely ability to meet the needs of the local community in Whitby and the surrounding area and as a result, three organisations have been invited to proceed to the next stage. These organisations are (in alphabetical order): Humber NHS Foundation Trust, Northern Doctors Urgent Care and Virgin Care Services.
These three organisations will now go through challenging evaluations and assessments in the coming months before a preferred bidder is identified. The CCG anticipate that the successful provider will be in place and delivering services from 1 July 2015. More

Labour Selects Former Whitby & Scarborough Student as General Election Candidate

Ian McInnesFormer Whitby Community College and Yorkshire Coast College student Ian McInnes has been selected as Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for next year’s General Election.

Ian, now an outdoor pursuits executive organising events throughout the UK, plans to replace local Tory MP Robert Goodwill in the May 2015 General Election and become Labour’s second ever MP for the constituency

Ian was a pupil at Lealholm Primary School, Eskdale School and Whitby Community College. At the time of the historic election of Labour’s first MP for Whitby in 1997 he was Labour candidate in the Community College’s mock election. Ian later went on to Yorkshire Coast College in Scarborough.

Now a Director of Development and Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Widehorizons Outdoor Education Trust organising adventure learning throughout the UK,  Ian told Labour members at their selection meeting that Scarborough & Whitby desperately needed an MP who could lead regeneration of the area so that local young people can have good jobs and prospects without having to move away.

“My family still lives here but when I was 18 I moved away from the area because like so many young people I felt, with few jobs and prospects, that there was nothing here for me.

“That doesn’t need to happen to our children and grandchildren.

“Scarborough and Whitby are full of people with real skills, real motivation and real passion but our local Conservative MP and Councils have become complacent and stale; that leadership needs replacing. We need people with drive, vision and passion for our future.

“Services to support and nurture our young people shouldn’t be just adequate, but as good as the rest of the country, if not the very best in the country.

“Central government and out of touch local authorities have been allowed to ignore the challenges faced by coastal and rural communities, that must be stopped.

“We have incredible local assets and collective potential here on the coast; to release that we have to enable and encourage local people, business and government to work together as never before.

“This all needs an MP working exclusively and full time for Scarborough and Whitby.”