Spin and delusion – making the figures add up

colinThe Government is ecstatic. Employment figures are high, unemployment is decreasing. Economists have been scratching their heads, seeking an explanation as to how this can possibly be the case when we are still suffering the after- effects of a bad recession. For the Government, there is no question that things are ticketyboo, and so concern about employment may be assigned to the back burner.

I don’t go along with this complacent attitude. More

Wheatcroft Long Sea Outfall from McCains Plant Eastfield.

Persistence rewarded for Cllr Tony Randerson

I have raised the poor condition of the Long Sea Outfall that is used only by the McCains plant in Eastfield on a number of occasions with The North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority of which I am a member via North Yorkshire County Council.\

Local fishermen and the surfing fraternity have voiced their concerns about effluent being discharged because of fractures to this pipe, which has been in place for some 17 years.

I was finally invited to attend a meeting on  20 June in York to hear Yorkshire Water’s plans for this outfall which was attended by officers from the Environment Agency, Scarborough Borough Council, McCains and of course Yorkshire Water. I am delighted to say that Yorkshire Water has now agreed funding to rectify this long- standing hazard.  More

Blacklisting post Crossrail

At the Annual Meeting of North Yorkshire County Council which took place at County Hall Northallerton I am delighted to say that my motion on behalf of the Labour Group on NYCC was accepted by the Executive and passed by the Full Council.
This was particularly pleasing for me as a recently retired Regional Officer representing Unite the Union Members in Yorkshire and Humberside, where I had  come into contact with Blacklisted members.
 BLACKLIST-BEATEN1The U.K Government defines Blacklisting as, “the systematic compilation of information on individual Trade Unionists and their use by employers and recruiters to discriminate against those individuals because of their Trade Union membership or because of their involvement in Trade Union Activity”.
My motion to County Council stated that “The Blacklisting of individuals is a morally indefensible practice and that cases are being taken to employment tribunals on a very wide range of legal points, which include defamation, breaches of the data act and conspiracy “. More

Hull University – Scarborough campus

hull_uniHull University wants to step up a notch or two in the league tables – perhaps it wants to be seen as an equal of the “Russell Group” of universities. Nothing exceptional about that, of course – it’s an ambition worth supporting. In a period of high tuition fees and the removal of caps on student numbers, the higher education sector is being marketised relentlessly. Students are getting picky about who should be paid to deliver their £9,000 courses. But should Hull’s decision automatically mean it has to withdraw from its Scarborough campus? They say yes, because they want to raise the academic entry tariff for students and they say Scarborough doesn’t fit the new criteria. More

Workers Memorial Day

Workers’ Memorial Day is held on 28 April every year, all over the world workers and their representatives conduct events, demonstrations, vigils and a whole host of other activities to mark the day.
I intend to seek support from both North Yorkshire County Council and Scarborough Borough Council to commemorate The Workers Memorial Day which is Officially recognised by our Government and indeed Internationally throughout the World. The whole purpose of this day has always been to ‘remember the dead’. More

Labour Party’s Manifesto for Europe 2014 election

ballot boxLater this month, elections to the European Parliament will be held in all member states of the European Union (EU). The date for elections to the European Parliament in the United Kingdom will be Thursday 22 May 2014. This will mark the eighth Europe-wide election to the European Parliament since the first direct elections in 1979. There are currently 13 Labour MEPs in Europe and 70 Labour candidates will be entered for the election in 2014.

You can download Labour’s manifesto for the European elections here.


New leadership team for Labour Councillors at SBC

The Labour Group of councillors on Scarborough Borough Council has elected a new leadership team.

Cllr Colin Challen

Cllr Colin Challen

Cllr. Colin Challen has replaced Cllr Eric Broadbent as Leader and Cllr. Tina Davy has taken up Colin’s former position as Deputy Leader.

Colin said: “This is a great challenge as we head towards all out elections on the same day as the General Election next year. The growth in Labour’s support in recent years has taken the group from just two members to nine today, and we have become the effective opposition in the council chamber. Now we will be developing our ideas for how we think the Council should be run. I am very keen that we listen to what residents think, and to find ways of becoming more responsive, at a time when councils are expected to do more with less income. Ordinary people need a voice and to be represented forcefully when the Tory-led government is so intent on damaging local services.” More

Labour Responds to Announcement on the North Bay Waterpark

Responding to the decision by the Leader of Scarborough Borough Council to proceed with the North Bay Waterpark, Councillor Steve Siddons, Labour Group spokesperson on Finance and Regeneration, said:

“Whilst we are fully behind the principle of a Waterpark for the North Bay; the plan as it currently stands carries an unacceptable level of risk. It is disappointing that the viability of this project has not been fully tested, meaning that the taxpayers of Scarborough and Whitby may be left to foot the bill. More