***Family Race Night. Friday 21st August 2015***

cartoon-horseAlexandra Bowls Centre Peasholm Road Scarborough

First race 7.45pm
Tickets £3 each, includes free buffet and race card
Under 14s go free

How can you help?
Buy your ticket
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Just 50p for a ticket , cash prizes to be won

Buy a horse just £2 each , you could be a winning owner
Ask your ticket seller which horses are available. More

Being a Councillor – three months and still standing

It’s now almost three months since I stood on the stage at the Scarborough Spa trying not to give away my emotions at having been elected to Scarborough Borough Council. And what a time I have had. Obviously, the first thing to sort out was the perks about which the Councils’ critics love to tell us: would I get a new iPad? (no, it’s a second-hand one snatched from the hands of a defeated councillor). Will I get a car park pass? (yes, but only for use on Council business, and there are no car parks in Mayfield anyway). How much do I get paid? (well below minimum wage is the outcome so far).

My next concern: What does a Councillor actually do? More

First Labour Party surgery in Whitby for a while

Councillors Rob Barnett and Gerald Dennett are holding the first Labour Party council surgery in Whitby for over a decade. Residents of Whitby are welcome to come to the Tourist Information Centre on Saturday 27 June, between 10:00 am and noon to discuss their issues with the Council and its services.

We will be pleased to hear from anyone who lives in Whitby and District, not just the residents of the wards we represent (Mayfield and Streonshalh).

We are delighted in having a positive story about the Labour Party in the Whitby Gazette: http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/local/first-labour-party-surgery-in-town-for-over-ten-years-1-7313668

How is it for you? What matters most?

!!!Good news!!!
The Labour Party in Scarborough and Whitby bucked the national trend at the election on 7 May.
Whitby Branch wants to  build on this success. Click below to fill in this short questionnaire and let us know what you feel matters most in Whitby and its villages. (Your responses will not be passed on to anyone else.)

On 7 May we reduced Robert Goodwill’s (Conservative) majority by 2,000 and got two Whitby councillors elected to Scarborough Borough Council to represent Mayfield (Gerald Dennett) and Streonshalh (Rob Barnett) and a further 12 in the Scarborough area . We have also gained many new members and supporters.

Rob Barnett

Rob Barnett

Gerald Dennett

Gerald Dennett










Scarborough Labour Group Challenges Cabinet Refusal To Allow North Street Cinema Development

“Using innovative design would enable the development of a Cinema and still allow the Council to keep their Car Park on the same site”

Scarborough Labour Leader Steve Siddons is hoping to bring together Opposition Groups to challenge the Cabinet decision, and the grounds used, to stimy a multi-screen cinema development on Scarborough’s North Street; a development that was given planning permission seven years ago in 2008.
Councillor Siddons poured scorn on the ‘Best Value’ grounds Members of the Cabinet gave for stopping progress on a North Street cinema.  More

SBC’s Labour Opposition Team 2015

Labour councillors 2015Left to right:

Back Row – John Ritchie – Deputy Mayor – Falsgrave Ward; Paul Cross – Castle Ward; Eric Broadbent – Central Ward; Steve Siddons – Labour Group leader – Ramshill Ward; Tony Randerson – Eastfield Ward; Carl Maw – Northstead Ward; Gerald Dennett – Mayfield Ward; John Warburton – Eastfield Ward;

Front Row – Neil Price – North Bay Ward; David Billing – Central Ward; Vanda Inman – Newby Ward


Employee rights at NYCC protected by Labour Councillors

Tony RandersonIt is with a degree of satisfaction and indeed pride that I can pen this article on behalf of the Labour Group of County Councillors regarding employee rights at NYCC.

There was a proposal from the Executive this morning on the agenda for the Full Council Meeting at County Hall to change the procedure for Employee Dismissal Appeals.

In March this year this policy/procedure was put to the Members’ Workforce Planning Group on which I am the Labour Group representative. The proposal put to us in March moved away from a Members-only Appeal panel to an appeal panel that mirrored the Absence Disciplinary Panel with one member and one officer hearing and making a judgement on these appeals with HR advice (but HR not participating in the decision making process). With the chair being an officer rather than the councillor.

I reluctantly agreed to this move but only after attaining the support for such a move from the Unison Trade Union Official who represents the employees at NYCC. More

Siddons — “We now have a Council with no effective oversight at all”

Labour Leader Cllr SiddonsLabour Party councillors and members of other opposition parties in Scarborough reacted with disbelief as new Scarborough Council Leader Derek Bastiman chose to have his Cabinet’s decisions checked by Overview and Scrutiny committees chaired exclusively by members of his own Conservative Party (See yesterday’s post).

Scarborough Labour Leader Steve Siddons told the Council