Jeremy Corbyn in Scarborough!

Jeremy Corbyn came to Scarborough on the weekend of the 27th February as part of the Labour Youth Conference which was held at the Spa. Jeremy gave a well received speech to delegates as part of the closing events, as attendees with views from across the party responded enthusiastically to his vision for the country.

Despite prior commitments as well on the Saturday in Sheffield and London, Jeremy gave a speech at the Mount Hotel to the Bakers Union and other local activists and union members in support of an actual living wage for all workers of £10 an hour, as well as supporting Union rights in general.

Jeremy arrived by train to Scarborough in good spirits and full of energy, a fact well illustrated by a speech that was interrupted by thunderous applause throughout. His speech covered many important areas that he is looking to address as leader, carefully explaining why it was vital for the economy and the people to secure higher wages to ensure fairness was restored, which drew rapturous applause from the crowded room. He also praised local campaigns that are ongoing in Scarborough, from the Junior Doctors Strike to the anti-fracking campaign, and urged people to get involved with the local Labour Party in order to help secure change. Amongst the other issues touched upon was Mental health provision, calling for action to tackle this long neglected problem.

Once he had finished his speech, he spent the time to talk to everyone there, discussing their ideas and concerns as well as taking part in the obligatory selfies from both younger and older supporters. With membership of the Scarborough and Whitby Labour Party more than doubling in size since Corbyn was elected leader, this event helped to illustrate the depth of his support in Scarborough, and we look forward to welcoming Jeremy back again in the future.

Councillor Tony Randerson said

“I was honoured yesterday evening to officially welcome Jeremy Corbyn MP Leader of the Labour Party to Scarborough. He was due to speak at the Bakers Union BFAWA at the Mount Hotel which proved to be an inspiring speech very well received by all in attendance which was a full house. He was also due to be the key note speaker at today’s session of the Young Labour Conference at the Spa Complex in Scarborough.

It was a very pleasant experience to be able to welcome him to Scarborough and in doing so promoting all the hard work the CLP and The Labour Group is doing leading up to the next General and Local Elections.”