SBC’s Labour Opposition Team 2015

Labour councillors 2015Left to right:

Back Row – John Ritchie – Deputy Mayor – Falsgrave Ward; Paul Cross – Castle Ward; Eric Broadbent – Central Ward; Steve Siddons – Labour Group leader – Ramshill Ward; Tony Randerson – Eastfield Ward; Carl Maw – Northstead Ward; Gerald Dennett – Mayfield Ward; John Warburton – Eastfield Ward;

Front Row – Neil Price – North Bay Ward; David Billing – Central Ward; Vanda Inman – Newby Ward


Employee rights at NYCC protected by Labour Councillors

Tony RandersonIt is with a degree of satisfaction and indeed pride that I can pen this article on behalf of the Labour Group of County Councillors regarding employee rights at NYCC.

There was a proposal from the Executive this morning on the agenda for the Full Council Meeting at County Hall to change the procedure for Employee Dismissal Appeals.

In March this year this policy/procedure was put to the Members’ Workforce Planning Group on which I am the Labour Group representative. The proposal put to us in March moved away from a Members-only Appeal panel to an appeal panel that mirrored the Absence Disciplinary Panel with one member and one officer hearing and making a judgement on these appeals with HR advice (but HR not participating in the decision making process). With the chair being an officer rather than the councillor.

I reluctantly agreed to this move but only after attaining the support for such a move from the Unison Trade Union Official who represents the employees at NYCC. More

Siddons — “We now have a Council with no effective oversight at all”

Labour Leader Cllr SiddonsLabour Party councillors and members of other opposition parties in Scarborough reacted with disbelief as new Scarborough Council Leader Derek Bastiman chose to have his Cabinet’s decisions checked by Overview and Scrutiny committees chaired exclusively by members of his own Conservative Party (See yesterday’s post).

Scarborough Labour Leader Steve Siddons told the Council


Tony Randerson’s view

expect-opposition-really_img-300x185It is now quite clear after the arrogant and offensive comments made by the new Leader of Scarborough Borough Council Cllr Bastiman and his sidekick Cllr Backhouse in yesterday’s Full Council Meeting (see yesterday’s report of the meeting) that as the official opposition the Labour Group is going to continue to scrutinise every single policy with a fine toothcomb before either lending our support or totally opposing said policies. More

Scarborough Conservatives turn their back on democracy

scrutiny challenge
Today, Scarborough Borough Council appointed members to its various committees and partnership committees. Click here to view Labour Leader Steve Siddons’s speech. I shall not go into the details here, you can find those on the Council’s website. Suffice it to say that the Conservative group, which upped its representation in the recent elections by a single seat, decided to place its people in practically every position available. The Tories even thought it appropriate to select the member for Hertford, who lives nearly 30 miles from Whitby, over Whitby Labour Councillor Gerald Dennett to represent the council on the Esk Valley Railway Development Company. What is more, it has also decided to take the chairs and vice-chairs of every single scrutiny commmittee.

Beware the ‘flannel’ Cameron and Hunt come out with today

In 2010, when Labour was in power, 7,530 students were accepted to study medicine in the UK out of. 80,060 who applied. These are the doctors who will now be qualifying. In 2014, under the Conservatives, this number had fallen to 6,820 out of 84,850 applicants. The number of medical school places is a result of the national quota imposed on the number of places as much of the training needs to occur in a healthcare setting. . This government has reduced the number of doctors being trained.…/Medical_school_in_the_United_Kin…

In the United Kingdom, medical school generally refers to a department within a university which is involved in the education of future medical practitioners. All…

Yes, to unitary authority for the Yorkshire Coast

Scarborough Borough Labour Group Leader Welcomes the County Council Leader’s Support for a Single Council Authority

stevesiddons001Newly elected Leader of Scarborough Borough Labour Group, Steve Siddons today welcomed the Tory County Council Leader’s support for the scrapping of the County Council and the introduction of Unitary Authorities.

“In Scarborough Borough local authorities are duplicated. We have the Scarborough Town Hall and ‘North Yorkshire House’ in the town. We also double up the number of councillors.

“The Scarborough Labour Group suggested ending this waste a couple of years ago but got voted down by the Scarborough Tories. More

Make our town centre family friendly again

Labour plans cinema and restaurants to upgrade town centre

Over the last few years, Scarborough Town Centre has become a ‘no go’ area for many residents as the drinking culture has developed and created areas of the town where families are not comfortable.

The latest evidence of this is the plan to close St Nicholas Street to vehicles on Friday and Saturday nights in order to create a safe environment for those people who, after a drink, cannot be trusted to walk safely on our pavements. More