Eric receives award from TUC

Councillor Eric Broadbent receives award from TUC - March 2014

Councillor Eric Broadbent receives award from TUC – March 2014

Last weekend Eric Broadbent, SBC and NYCC Councillor, was one of 400 delegates who attended the Yorkshire and Humber Region TUC AGM conference 22-23 March at Sheffield Town Hall. He was invited in his capacity as Secretary of Scarborough and District TUC. During the conference, three awards were given to local Councillors for  outstanding services in their constituencies and in their communities.

Eric was both surprised and honoured to hear his name called out as one of the three people to receive an award – a lovely framed certificate – and thanked the conference warmly for this award.


Local Labour to host ‘Campaigning to Win’ Conference

Labour Campaign Targets Scarborough Borough Council and Scarborough and Whitby Westminster Seat

Local Labour councillors, members and supporters, boosted by recent Borough by-election victories and polls showing growing support since 2010, will meet this weekend to plan for the trio of elections over the next 15 months.

LindaMacAvanCouncillors from across Yorkshire and the Humber, together with Yorkshire Labour  MEP Linda McAvan, will speak to future candidates and campaigners about campaigning at an event in Scarborough on Saturday 29th March.

Councillor Eric Broadbent, Leader of the Labour Group at Scarborough Borough Council said,

“This conference is the start of our planning to build on our successes and prove that we are a strong campaigning force that can deliver change to Scarborough & Whitby with our best ever European election campaign this year and the best candidates for a Labour Council and a Labour MP in 2015. More

Scarborough Walk-in Health Centre – threatened closure

For the last four weeks I have been gathering signatures on a petition to keep Scarborough’s Castle walk-in health centre open.

From left to right: Sarah Forsyth, Dr Phil Garnett, Simon Cox and Cllr Colin Challen.

From left to right: Sarah Forsyth, Dr Phil Garnett, Simon Cox and Cllr Colin Challen.

The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) wants to close it in October this year and open something else up – they won’t say precisely what or where – in April 2015. This is in the name of improving urgent care services. But since it opened in 2009 the Castle centre has proved very successful, and this has been borne out by the number of people wanting to show their support for it. Combined with Facebook ‘likes’, the petition has attracted getting on for 2,500 supporters. People have told me how essential the centre has been to them. One man told me how he thought it had saved his elderly neighbour’s life – a woman who felt that she could not wait till Monday to see her GP when she felt ill. It was a Saturday, so her neighbour took her to the walk-in service, who immediately referred her to the hospital for a life threatening condition.  More

What price public health?

Recently I wrote to Don McKenzie (portfolio holder with responsibility for public health) at North Yorkshire County Council) because of concerns that had been raised with me cinder trackby members of a local community group – ‘Friends of the Old Railway’. I play a very small part in the organisation giving what support I can, to a dedicated group of people trying to protect and promote this wonderful community asset, the Cinder Track, that stretches along the coast from Scarborough to Whitby. The route provides fantastic access to our dramatic coastline and the North York Moors National Park; as well as providing a safe off-road route for pedestrians and cyclists in the urban sections at either end. I am also a member of the North York Moors National Park Authority, which recognises the strategic importance of this asset and we were very disappointed when our £5m bid to Government to improve cycling infrastructure in our National Park was unsuccessful. Well over a 1000 trips per day are made along the Cinder Track in urban Scarborough; some for recreational purposes but most simply as a way of getting about. The route is strategically important for many reasons but specifically in relation to tourism and in the promotion of North Yorkshire County Council’s Public Health agenda. The bid included £2m to bring the track surface up to a decent condition and emphasised the benefits that improving the track would bring not only to sustainable tourism and a cleaner environment but also to public health, by encouraging everyday physical activity. More

Council and Parkol express frustration with Whitby Gazette Eskside Wharf article

Parkol Boatyard

Councillor Tina Davy, Labour Councillor for Streonshalh, is fully aware of how vital Parkol is to Whitby’s economy and image. She has looked carefully into the matter and unlike the alarmist reaction of our MP Robert Goodwill quoted in last week’s Whitby Gazette is pleased to report,


Cllr Tina Davy, SBC, Streonshalh

“I am very relieved to have confirmation from the Council and Parkol that the situation is not as dire as that portrayed in the Whitby Gazette last week. It is reassuring to know that the Council is working with Parkol to find a solution to the problem at Eskside Wharf”.Tina wants residents and employees of Parkol to know that she will keep a close eye on the situation and report on any developments.

SBC News Release issued 13 March 2014

Whitby boatbuilding company, Parkol Marine Engineering and Scarborough Borough Council have joined forces to express their disappointment and frustration with the article about the town’s EsksideWharf, which was featured in the Whitby Gazette on Friday 7 March.  More

Bob Crow 1961-2014

Bob CrowI had the pleasure of meeting Bob Crow very fleetingly on a couple of occasions during my period of office as a Trade Union Official. I was actually a member of the old National Union of Seaman that eventually merged into the RMT. This was during my time as a Marine Engineer with BP Tankers in the late ’60s and ’70s.

Bob Crow was a very influential General Secretary with his members the top of his priorities. He always spoke from the heart irrespective of the views of those that disagreed with his policies. He increased the membership of his union from around 60,000 to 80,000 members so clearly the members were agreed that he was doing the job he was elected to undertake. More

Local Tories fail to support Scarborough bus users

Local Tories have dealt a major blow to the Ramshill community by failing to support users of the popular No.4 bus service which will cease to operate in its present form at the end of Marchbus4jpg. This service is regularly used by over 1000 passengers per week, many of whom are elderly or infirm and have no alternative form of transport. A double blow is that the replacement service, which will operate on reduced hours, may not accept concessionary bus passes. More

50 Year Old Hedgerow Savaged

A natural wildlife and plant habitat has been savaged on the “Dell”  leading to the “Mount” on the Eastfield Estate in the Borough of Scarborough.

Tony RandersonI am currently attempting to ascertain from SBC Officers with absolute clarity that so far as they are concerned no Regulations/Legislation have been breached! The Countryside Officer did admit that although the hedge had been cut back it did not breach the regulations because it had not been completely pulled out!

4photoWell, for the damage caused it may as well have been. This area has been “ripped apart” apparently by a farmer whose rented land borders this hedgerow. Residents living on this estate, some for more than 50 years, cannot remember such devastation to this wildlife walk.

I have also ascertained that when this area was assessed for becoming an extension to the Dells local nature reserve, it met all the criteria to satisfy Natural England’s higher level stewardship due to the diversity of this ancient hedgerow and the habitat within. Just over a year ago discussions took place on collaboration between the Dell Project and the Middle Deepdale Developers to develop this area of the valley as an extension to the Dell. More

Balancing Fishing and Conservation Priorities


As a member of the North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority I raised concerns about the amount of effluent/ammonia that is being discharged into the North Sea and the damage this is apparently doing to the fish stocks off our lovely coastline.I will be raising this again at our next meeting of this Authority in mid-March. I am concerned that, although McCain’s do very adequately filter the effluent at their Peterborough Site into the River Nene, the same care and attention is not being given to the effluent discharged into the North Sea, with all the probable ramifications.

Challenging questions need to be raised and appropriate answers given, the North Sea should not be viewed as a dumping ground in any shape or form.


I have also voiced my concern regarding a further exclusion zone for our fishing fleet (or what is left of it) with regard to an unnecessary bye-law. Despite my objection and me moving that there should be no further exclusion around Flamborough Head, the Greenflamhead Environmentalists sitting on this  Authority still forced this through. And for what? They believe, without any concrete evidence, that the very few fishing boats left will damage the chalk on the sea bed! More