Money Makes the World Go Round

(But none of it sticks in the UK!)

I found this on the internet. If you have a spare million you may find it useful.

Z, a wealthy individual resident in the Far East, has surplus funds of approximately £1m that he wishes to invest in UK property, having heard that returns, significantly larger than those which might otherwise be obtained merely by leaving money on bank deposit, may be enjoyed. More

Counting the carbon and the cash

 I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner, but I have now told my gas supplier to stick their bill up their ****, and have set in motion a switch to another supplier who is not only cheaper, but does much more to protect the environment.

Their name is Good Energy, and their electricity is generated entirely from renewable sources. Obviously gas isn’t renewable, but profits they make from selling gas helps make more money for renewables.

The public’s disgust with energy companies is now on a par with bankers, and I am pleased that this is making people think more about how much we pay for energy and where it comes from. This has meant that my initiative in calling for an energy advice centre in Scarborough, now established as Choices4Energy in Hanover Road, has seen a growing footfall of consumers looking for ways out of the energy price spiral. The shop has been very fruitful, in only six months it has helped people save £thousands and advised on insulation, saving tonnes of CO2. More

Councillor calls for Urgent Meeting to discuss the very poor state of the Highways in and around Eastfield.

County and Borough Councillor Tony Randerson has called for an urgent meeting to address the very poor state of the Highways and Footways in and around Eastfield and indeed the whole of Area 3 which covers Scarborough and Whitby.

potholeTony has contacted the NYCC Highways 3 Office in Whitby requesting that a meeting takes place as soon as possible with Senior Representatives of the contractors – Ringway, NYCC Highways Officers and County Councillors in the region with a view to ascertain just why Ringway are so far behind schedule in repairing pot holes that are only going to deteriorate in the coming months due to both vehicles continually running over them and the frosty weather.

Tony believes it is high time that this problem is addressed and it is just not good enough for excuses to be continually made by officers and executive council members defending this appalling record of Ringway.

This company were desperate to attain this very lucrative contract but have so far failed in their duty to carry it out.

Tony believes our residents (the rate payers) deserve much better, why should they have to suffer through this lack of action by Ringway, why should they have to continually have repairs done to their vehicles and just why are residents themselves filling in pot holes because of this inaction ?