Randerson for Eastfield

ballot boxOur Scarborough Branch has chosen NYCC Councillor Tony Randerson to contest the Eastfield by-election for Labour. The by-election will be held on the 21st November, and we have a very good chance of winning if we can get our supporters out to vote – after all, Tony won the Eastfield and Osgodby seat on the County Council in May. More

A ‘fare’ deal for Ramshill

“Keep this ‘lifeline’ Weaponness Valley & South Cliff bus”

Campaign launched by Ramshill Ward’s new Labour councillor Steve Siddons.

Labour’s Steve Siddons is campaigning to have County Council plans to axe Ramshill’s Weaponness Valley and South Cliff bus service reversed. He hopes to arrange a public meeting on the proposal and invite a representative of NYCC Transport Service to come along and explain the rationale behind the planned change. More

Unite the Union calls for Councils to blacklist the blacklisters

blacklisted I hope to be able to move this at the February 2014 meeting of North Yorkshire County Council at County Hall in Northallerton.

Motion for Local Authorities regarding ‘blacklisting’


Notes and welcomes campaigning by trade unions to end the scandalous practice of ‘blacklisting’. More

Councillor Broadbent calls in decision on Park and Ride

park and rideThe call in against the decision of the Yorkshire Coast and Moors special meeting on  19 September, to implement the Whitby Park and Ride will now be heard at County Hall on 9 October. 

Eric_BroadbentAs leader of the Labour Group I called the decision in as our Councillors were against the scheme being implemented as we felt the there were still many questions to be answered about the present viability of the scheme, issues that local residents had raised that if not addressed could adversely affect residents, visitors and local businesses. More

Cold Callous and Calculating

Is there no end to the ways that the Conservatives trample on the lives of the people least able to protect themselves?

Minolta DSCApparently not! Now Conservative North Yorkshire is planning to leave elderly people needing care with NO money at all after they have paid for their essentials.  NOTHING!  No money for a newspaper; no money to buy a birthday card for a grandchild.  NOTHING! More

Whitby Parking Consultation

TinaThe scheme for parking in Whitby as it currently stands seems to be unworkable for various reasons. The fact that there are so many different zones will make life very difficult for residents if they cannot find a parking space near their home.

The scheme does not give any priority to residents, despite this claim being made as a reason for introducing the scheme. The design of the zones does not seem to be based on empirical evidence, nor is the scheme derived from best practice in other locations.

Many of the people in the East side of Whitby – some of the least well off in Whitby – are excluded from the zones, and will have to pay to park in the town. There is a risk that this will result in social exclusion, discouraging people from using facilities in the centre of Whitby, and increasing isolation as people have to pay to visit family and friends in other parts of their town.

The scheme may discourage people from visiting Whitby, and seems to impose a “local tax” on people, which means that the less well off visitors are further disadvantaged, at a time when public transport provision is limited and threatened with further cuts. The same applies to lower paid workers in the town, who may travel in from nearby villages, for example.

The provision of transport from the Park and Ride sites seems to be inadequate to cope with anticipated numbers.

In my view the scheme needs to be scrapped, and open consultation be undertaken with residents and other interested parties to address the issues around parking in Whitby, informed by best practice elsewhere.

A Governement that will fight for you

Ed Miliband has shown that he understands what people want and need. He’s shown the leadership to take on David Cameron’s cruel and divisive government and reverse their policies on the bedroom tax, on the NHS, on schools, on the minimum wage, and much more. It’s time for us to stand beside him and fight for his vision of a better Britain