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rose-and-Labour-logo.bmpAs a democratic, socialist party we welcome people to join from all walks of life, have their say and influence policy.
To newcomers, working out how everything fits together can seem a bit of a maze – but don’t let that put you off. There’s a common goal: to ensure the party is open and democratic, and helps to maintain contact between the party and the community.
New ideas are vital if the party is to grow and develop – and we welcome your views and experiences. From your local branch to conference, the party structure has been devised to enable Labour Party members to have a say on policy and to contribute. More

The Man in County Hall Knows Best?

park and rideWould anything have changed if 1,000 people had turned up to contribute and listen to the debate at North Yorkshire County Council’s Coast and Moors Committee meeting on 19 September? The ruling Conservative Group (even with their two Whitby representatives expelled) pushed through Whitby’s Park and Ride scheme and its associated parking restrictions regardless. 2,000 people objecting probably wouldn’t have made much difference. This was the tale of “The Man in County Hall Knows Best.”

We were told that the journey to this decision began around 15 years ago in the late 1990s, and that the original inspiration was to enhance Whitby’s tourism and implicitly prevent its decline. Given how much water has passed under the swing bridge since then, we could have reflected on what has actually happened to Whitby’s tourism economy, and traffic conditions generally. But it doesn’t seem that the original assumptions have been tested since.

Unanswered questions remain – More

Public Outrage As Tories Ignore The Views of Whitby People

park and rideAfter a hard fought community campaign led by Whitby & District Labour Party, local residents and businesses were ignored when Conservative Councillors forced through a ream of parking control measures that jeopardize the future of Whitby.

In a heated debate at the Coast and Moors Area Committee meeting on Thursday 19th September, hundreds of community members made clear their opposition to an ill-considered parking scheme that threatens to kill off the economic development of the seaside town. More

Labour Party conference – Brighton 2013

brighton_pierIf it is true that the sun shines on the righteous, then the Labour Party this week had something to celebrate with non-stop sunshine in Brighton, home of this year’s party conference. The event had a much freer, relaxed atmosphere than last year, assisted by the fact that the security cordon was much less intrusive. Perhaps Ed Miliband’s decision to oppose the UK leaping into the Syrian civil war helped to reduce tension too. We don’t have to subscribe to the notion that our democratic processes can only survive behind a ring of steel. More


There is a question that many of us refer to either in quizzes or in day to day life conversations ! “What came first the Chicken or the Egg” ? Probably in most people’s minds still unresolved.

However there is also another question that political activists and indeed even politicians have not grasped the answer to, and yes there is a clear cut definitive answer to this question namely :

“What came first the Labour Party or the Trade Unions” ? Still not too sure ? Well I will enlighten you all “The Trade Union Movement”.  More

How to donate painlessly

easyfundraising-logoWe all shop online these days, especially those of us who live in the rural parts of the constituency. So now there is an easy way for the party to earn as you shop. We have registered Scarborough and Whitby Labour Party as a good cause on easy, so that you can raise funds for the party effortlessly and painlessly. And it won’t cost you a penny! Just click here to find out how it works. Think of it as a tax on Amazon, I know I do.

Here we go again – Tories rob the poor to reward the rich

The extract that follows is taken from a Shelter report on the impact of poor housing on children’s development:

  • Bad housing affects children’s ability to learn at school and study at home.
  • Homeless children are two to three times more likely to be absent from school than other children due to the disruption caused by moving into and between temporary accommodation.
  • Children in unfit and overcrowded homes miss school more frequently due to illnesses and infections.
  • Overcrowding is linked to delayed cognitive development, and homelessness to delayed development in communication skills.
  • Homeless children are more likely to have behavioural problems such as aggression, hyperactivity and impulsivity, factors that compromise academic achievement and relationships with peers and teachers.
  • It is unsurprising that homeless children have lower levels of academic achievement that cannot be explained by differences in their levels of ability

The Tory Solution or Recipe for Disaster? More

North Yorkshire County Council Delivering (or is it?)

In the short time since I was elected as Labour County Councillor for the Division of Eastfield & Osgodby at County Hall (or should I say Alice in Wonderland House with the “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” ) it has become apparent that since last vacating my seat some 10 years ago the ruling Tory Party of “Mad Hatters” have become even madder. Two recent examples illustrate my point – Street lighting (or should that be Street darkening) and Highway maintenance (or do they mean the absence of it)? More

Tories latest tax on fun

Mr Nasty says "No holiday for you!"

Mr Nasty says “No holiday for you!”

I’m shocked and horrified to learn that Tory Education minister, Michael Gove, has instructed schools to fine EACH parent £60 per child if they take them out of school. There are to be NO exceptions, and this rule is coming in at once. I have just returned back from a governors’ meeting at my school where I learned this dreadful news.

This hits holiday towns like Whitby, where so many parents work in holiday related businesses, meaning that they cannot get time off during peak holiday periods, or they work in low-paid jobs and can only afford to go away out of season.