Syria Debate

If Ed Miliband and the Labour Party hadn’t provided the leadership they did, we would be now on the road to another disastrous international intervention.  At a time when …political parties and parliament are under attack as being irrelevant to people’s lives, this demonstrates how the executive can be challenged and held to account.

It also shows the importance of building political alliances.  The Labour party alone could not have stopped it.  We do not have a parliamentary majority.  But by welcoming to Labour’s campaign to block this wild and warmongering proposal, all people of goodwill on this issue, it was possible to stand up for what is right – and to WIN.
Cameron’s government is rushing hell bent towards destroying any notion of a  decent and civilised society.  The Labour Party will do all that it can to oust them from government at the next General Election.
But in the meantime we need to continue to try to block the move to wholesale privatisation and destruction of our public services and the ever increasing attack on public sector workers.  We look to all people of goodwill to join us in this battle.



We’d like to give the council the benefit of the doubt and assume that there are sound ‘technical’ reasons for designing the scheme the way that it has. However, it completely ignores the needs of the people who live and work Whitby. In essence, it creates inequality and takes away our freedom to enjoy this wonderful town the way we do today. 

A Fair Deal for Ramshill

ramshillroad Scarborough’s ‘bellwether” council seat changes hands as Ramshill Ward falls to Labour’s Steve Siddons in by-election.

Labour’s Steve Siddons topped a by-election poll (22 August) in Scarborough’s Ramshill ward, leaving the Borough’s Tories, who had held the seat, in third place.
Surveyor Steve Siddons noted the once-controlling Tory Group, after a series of blunders, had lost the trust of residents to manage the Borough’s historical assets.
He said,  stevesiddons001“Ramshill is the centre for several planned key Council developments over the next few years. Having watched recent administrations make a dump of Atlantis, a dump of Mr Marvels, and a dump of Kinderland, all in the North Bay, Ramshill voters don’t want “them” moving south into Ramshill to make the same mistakes here.
“I welcome the chance to give serious and considered scrutiny to the plans for Ramshill, our wonderful heritage mustn’t be devalued any more. It is time people with aspirations and who can inspire had their say.”

Local Labour Leader Cllr Eric Broadbent said: “A seat in Ramshill was last won by Labour in 2003 when we had a Labour government and a Labour MP, this “bellwether” seat result forecasts welcome major changes to come.”

Victory for Steve Siddons Ramshill Ward, SBC

ballot boxSteve Siddons won yesterday’s by-election to become Councillor for the Ramshill Ward of Scarborough Borough Council – 22 August 2013
Voting as follows:
Labour 190
UKIP 149
Conservative 122
Green 66
Liberal Democrat 57

Steve Siddons, Labour  33% Elected
Michael John James, UKIP  26% Not elected
Mr Peter Southward, Conservative  21% Not elected
Mark Terence Vesey, Green  11% Not elected
Svetlana Rodgers, Lib/Dem  10% Not elected

Whitby Parking Campaign

Parking-Sign-K-7197Whitby and District Branch Labour Party is leading a community campaign calling for a root and branch re-think of North Yorkshire County Council’s plans for parking in Whitby. The online petition hosted by 38 degrees has garnered over 500 signatures by the end of its first full day.

Sign the petition online now at

We, the residents of Whitby, call on North Yorkshire County Council to revise its parking proposals to just one zone for Whitby with permits available for surrounding villages. More

Steve Siddons for Ramshill

SBC by-election Thursday 22 August

Steve Siddons (left), Labour candidate for Ramshill by-election briefs his campaign team

Diana Jeuda writes about her experience as part of the Labour team on the doorstep in Ramshill:
The last Sunday before polling day and its neck and neck – and Labour could be set for a dramatic Labour win in Ramshill!  That’s provided that everyone who says they are Labour actually goes out to vote!
The Labour team is going flat out and Labour’s Steve Siddons is delighted with how the campaign is going. More

Cllr David Billing on the camapign trail for Newby and Ramshill

Both by-elections in Ramshill and Newby, Scarborough are to be held this coming Thursday ,22nd of August and I’ve being doing my best going around ‘stirring up apathy’ in Ramshill. For most people that is the less posh part of South Cliff so in some areas you get a better class of poverty under the coalition government who are still performing miracles via Atos.

“Mr Lazarus you  did not attend your interview therefore you are deemed fit to work.”

Ian Duncan Smith makes Jesus look like a shirker in his success rate at getting the lame to walk, the dead are raised to life etc. Full details: Matthew 11.5 or DWP press releases! Apologies to those people who do not like the message of the New Testament mixed up with moral codes. More

Future tense, past perfect?

In steamy, downtown Scarborough a drama unfolds:

The case for the prosecution was made (twice) but the dock was vacant for the first case of the day, as the witnesses came to the stand in the grand chamber of the court of sessions (or to be more precise the Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee of Scarborough Borough Council held on the 31st July – but that title doesn’t sound so interesting).

The first case?

20793666-female-doctor-wearing-stethoscope-vectorThe snatch by a ‘Jeremy Hunt’ (aka The Secretary of State for Health) of Egton’s pig – or more precisely MPIG. MPIG stands for ‘Minimum Practice Income Guarantee,’ a source of government funding for local doctors’ surgeries. Surgeries in the Esk Valley area are set to lose hundreds of thousands of pounds starting next April. The government has decided that the people of Egton and Sleights and other places see their doctors too often. From next April they will have to heal themselves it seems – or change their MP perhaps.

futuristThe second case

The alleged deliberate misuse and neglect of a once(?)  popular theatre known as ‘The Futurist.’ How a popular venue ended up in a seaside resort is anybody’s guess, but by a 7-2 vote the jury of the grand committee found the villains, known as the Cabinet Gang, innocent of all charges and passed a judicial sentence of death on the pleasure palace. The public gallery was outraged. An attempt to free The Futurist may yet be made. More

Scarborough BC by-election

Labour campigning in RamshillNo surprises that two Conservative councillors have jumped ship and resigned from the Council causing by elections in Ramshill and Newby.  Who can blame them?  Who on earth would want to be associated with a Party that in government is dismantling the NHS, playing politics with our children’s education and squeezing the living standards of almost everybody – while at the same time giving mega tax handouts to the rich!

Labour has chosen Steve Siddons to fight Ramshill and Karl Maw to fight Newby and their campaigns are well under way as you can see from this pic of councillors Eric Broadbent, Colin Challen and Tina Davy discussing an excellent morning’s work with Ramshill organisers Jack Siddons and Josh Kermode. Labour got a great reception from almost everyone that the team met.  It was really encouraging how many people were leaving the Conservatives and switching to Labour.