Spital Bridge – part 2

spital bridgeUseful meeting with Town Councillor Ian Havelock about the Spittal Bridge Tip. The attached picture shows what the site currently looks like – even after the site leaseholders, (Wharton Skip Hire)  has supposedly started work clearing it.  It’s still an unhygienic and dangerous eyesore.  The Environment Agency has issued Wharton’s with an order to clear it by May 10th but it’s unlikely that this will be the end of the problem.
Spital is the WRONG place to have a building materials tip.
It wasn’t great when it was the main houshold tip for the town – but at least it was well run with an orderly arrangement of skips which were regualrly emptied and always clean.
A far cry from Wharton’s operation. More

David rescues rabbit – all in a day’s work for a councillor!

Councillor David BillingLocal councillors are often asked to perform many tasks but on my way back home today I was asked if I knew to whom the rabbit in the middle of the road belonged.

I did not but my sister, a retired school mistress, ( sic) did of course and of course also knew who had asked me and to whom the rabbit belonged. She is my elder sister and of course a school teacher.

The lop-eared rabbit disappeared under a wagon but when it emerged nuzzling a little rubber ball along, I was able to scoop Eddy the buck up and present it back to its owner whom my sister had alerted.

Sadly, they live in the wrong electoral division, well that’s life.

Back to reality, wasted time canvassing this morning. The only family I made contact with can’t really be bothered.

Well at least all the exercise I’ve expended leafletting appeared to have produced a blood pressure level my general practitioner is happy with.

ballot box

Please do not waste your right to vote. Remember those who fought to obtain it for you and that those who opposed it, particularly for women, are the very ones now intent on slashing child care and maternity benefits.




Dear Voter and Labour Supporter

It’s three years since the Tories came to power and it’s clear that David
Cameron’s plan is failing and failing badly.

His first priority is to hand millionaires a tax cut, while there are nearly a
million young people out of work and long term unemployment is rising.

We can’t face another lost generation, but David Cameron isn’t doing anything
about it.  So Labour will.
Click here to read more about Labour’s plan for jobs – and to help us spread the word
This weekend Labour activists across the country are out on high streets and doorsteps telling people about Labour’s Jobs Guarantee: a real job for anyone
who has been out of work for more than two years, or one year if they are under 25.
You can help them, even if you can’t get out on the doorstep, by clicking here

We’re not getting into the divisive, nasty and misleading smears we’re seeing
from David Cameron and his out of touch party – we’re providing real support to
get people back into work.  It will be tough and fair where it needs to be
– people who can work should work – but it’s first and foremost about doing
something that works.  Because David Cameron can’t or won’t.
People need an alternative – we’re giving them one.  So join the campaign
– online or offline – today.
Thank you,
Liam Byrne

David Billing on the campaign trail in Woodlands Division, NYCC

smallroseA Tale of Potholes and Politics

Only a few more leaflets to deliver before I start the targetting and the quest for 500 Labour promises.
I just hope that I have not put the leaflets out too early but postal votes are issued from Monday and I know I missed out in the last County elections by not getting to the postal voters in time.
Leafletting is an excellent way to get to know an area and since the Woodlands division stretches upwards from Burniston Road to the transmitter on Row Brow there are some excellent views to be obtained but some are not easily appreciated when you’ve climbed a hill and walked up forty steep steps and know several similar ascents await you. More

Local Government is changing.

John Ritchie Falsgrave & Stepney

John Ritchie
Falsgrave & Stepney

For most people the fact that Local Government is changing, probably isn’t going to register too highly on their list of concerns.Amid the day to day struggle of getting on with life, paying bills, being asked by bosses to do more and more with less and less, realising you’re not going to be able to afford a holiday in the foreseeable future and generally taking care of your families  – why should anyone worry themselves about what’s happening to their local council? More

Tina Davy for Streonshalh

TinaScarborough Borough Council – by-election – Streonshalh, Whitby

Tina has been an active member of the Labour Party since 1983 and was elected to Leeds City Council in 1999, serving until 2003, during which time she chaired a Community Involvement Team, was Lead Member for Culture & Tourism, and was a member of a Planning Panel. She was a member of the Yorkshire Regional Cultural Consortium. Tina has been a CAB volunteer and was employed as a welfare rights and energy efficiency adviser. She worked in the Civil Service, advising on organisational development at Head Office level. She has worked as a researcher, and as a freelance consultant.

Tina understands the importance of tourism in Whitby, and the need for more public transport in the area.

Policy papers for consultation – Join the Labour Party and have your say

Dear Member

I am writing to let you know that our latest round of ten policy papers have been published on Your Britain for consultation.

When I became Chair of the National Policy Forum nine months ago, I made it my priority to make our policy process more open, transparent and to ensure that every member has the chance to feed their ideas in to a One Nation manifesto for 2015.

Your Britain, Labour’s online home of policy and ideas, has been a key step. It has opened up our policy making process and structures so that anyone can read our latest policy documents, submit their views and ideas, and comment on the ideas of others. This is a first for any political party in Britain.

Members of the Shadow Cabinet and the National Policy Forum are reading those submissions and taking them forward.

The new papers we have launched are the latest stage of the NPF’s work on the priority issues set by Annual Conference. They cover issues like tackling youth unemployment, childcare, the future of our NHS, and housing. The papers set out the Policy Commissions’ thinking to date based on the responses and discussions we’ve had, and also include policy options on key issues. We want to hear your views on where we’ve got to.

Visit Your Britain to view the new papers and have your say

Around the country, many CLPs have been integrating policy engagement into their campaigning and community organising work, hosting Your Britain events and encouraging local residents and community groups to come forward with their ideas and experiences. This is one way we can put into practice the One Nation politics that Ed Miliband has spoken of – giving everyone a say, and reaching out beyond our Party for the ideas and vision that exist within our communities and workplaces. I hope, if it hasn’t done so already, that your CLP hosts one of these events soon.

You can find a Your Britain user guide on Membersnet here

I look forward to hearing your views

Best wishes
Angela Eagle MP
Chair of the National Policy Forum


Baronesss Thatcher is to get a state funeral in all but name, and not merely because the Queen will attend – even if the last funeral of a prime minister she attended actually WAS a state funeral, that of Sir Winston Churchill. From the commentary we’ve heard since Thatcher’s death, the narrative has been that she was the greatest peacetime prime minister the UK had in the twentieth century, if not in all time. Therefore it is said she deserves a big send off at taxpayer’s expense.
Her death of course has sparked a debate about her legacy and position in history. But was she really the greatest peacetime PM we’ve ever had? Listening to Tory pundits she sorted out the UK economy, smashed the unions and put Britain back on the world stage, defeating General Galtieri and schmoozing Gorbachev (thus ending the Cold War) to boot.
The truth is rather different, More