Labour Group statement on Scarborough Borough Council budget 2013/14

TScarborough Borough Council.he Labour Group believes that local authorities are taking a disproportionate share of government cuts, and that frontline services will face severe problems. On top of the cuts SBC has faced over the last two and half years a further 18% is to be slashed. This seriously challenges the authority’s ability to function effectively.

The Labour Group has therefore agreed that to protect frontline services, the Council must open formal discussions with other councils in North Yorkshire to consider the establishment of a unitary system of local government in the area, which means reducing the number of councils from eight to possibly just two or three. More

Look who’s reaping the rewards of austerity

Prosperity for the few – austerity for the many

Happy New Year to all millionaires! In 2013 you’ll get a tax break worth £40,000 – so spend your money wisely! Yes, for some 2013 will be a good year, since the Conservative/Liberal Democrat government is bent on hand-outs for the rich whilst punishing the poor. It’s a return to Reaganonomics – the so-called trickle-down theory – where precious little actually trickles down, since the rich are always happy to engage in tax avoidance and tax evasion anyway. More