Ruth Potter – Police and Crime Commissioner candidate

LABOUR Party Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate Ruth Potter says more needs to be done to tackle Anti-Social-Behaviour in North Yorkshire.

Ruth will be in Scarborough this weekend visiting families and telling them about her plans to help keep residents safe.

She said: “Anti-Social-Behaviour is a key issue for many families in North Yorkshire. “All too often the problems are dismissed by some as ‘low level quality of life issues’ when the reality for many residents, having to live with problem day in day out, can have serious implications. Why should anyone’s life be affected by the inconsiderate actions of others?”

Elections for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner take place on November 15 but Ruth says it’s costing too much and the money would be better spent on recruiting more police officers, she said: “These elections are costing more than £100million. Apart from the Tories who came up with this idea I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t think the money would be more wisely used by employing an additional 3,000 crime fighters.

“That said we now have to make the best of a bad situation. These elections are taking place; voters face a choice between Tory candidates who must be cheerleaders for the government’s frontline policing cuts or the Labour alternative. During the next three months I’ll be working hard to try and convince people that I’m the right person for the job.”

If elected I will;

  • ·Stick up for communities against the Government’s 20% cuts rather than acting as a cheerleader for these cuts – as the Tory candidate will be.
  • ·Support neighbourhood policing, with officers accessible to the public and embedded in communities.
  • ·Take tough action to stop anti-social behaviour. We think it’s foolish the Tories are scrapping ASBOs, and want the public’s concerns on ASB to be heard.
  • ·Work closely with local councils and make partnerships with local agencies to ensure we’re all working together to fight crime and anti-social-behaviour.
  • ·I will get to as many community meetings as possible to hear people’s priorities on the ground.

Ruth and a team of volunteers will be at the corner of Commercial Street at its junction with Falsgrave Road in Scarborough at 11am on Saturday August 4.

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Or call John Ritchie on 07970 485690