Scarborough Borough Council backs Labour resolution on NHS

On the day before Parliament was due to to discuss the government’s NHS reforms, Conservative-run Scarborough Borough Council gave a resounding warning to the government that the reforms could damage local NHS services. The Council unanimously backed a Labour resolution calling on the Secretary of State for Health to ensure “that a district general hospital offering a wide range of essential services, including an A & E department will always be maintained in the Borough. The resolution recognised the concerns of residents and health professionals who live and work in the Borough of Scarborough in relation to the introduction of the Health and Social Care Bill 2011.

Moving the motion, Labour Group Leader Cllr Eric Broadbent said “I certainly don’t want to see Andrew Lansley’s Bill pave the way for an American-style health service, where private companies profit at the expense of patient care. Our residents need to be reassured that essential services will remain at our Scarborough and Whitby hospitals.

Deputy Labour Group Leader Cllr Colin Challen said “We were very pleased that the whole Council backed our resolution. This sends a very strong message to the Government that there are very genuine fears for the future of health services in this area. The view was expressed that being geographically on the fringe, these changes could threaten the range of local services. The government needs to follow the advice of the BMA and withdraw this Bill