Labour walk out of Council meeting over row on democracy

4 July 2017
Some members of the Labour Group walked out of the full Council meeting on 3 July in protest over the lack of democracy and free speech following the Vote of No Confidence meeting the previous week (26 June) in which most councillors were denied the opportunity to speak in the debate.

Jeremy Corbyn’s 10 pledges to transform Britain

We can build a Britain that works for all of us

Labour’s aim is to rebuild and transform Britain, for the many not the few. These ten pledges set out the framework for what Labour will campaign for – and what a Labour government will do. You can help us to shape policies in these areas, and more.

Pledge 1 — Full employment

We will create a million good quality jobs across our regions and nations, and guarantee a decent job for all. By investing £500 billion in infrastructure and industry, backed up by a publicly-owned National Investment Bank and regional banks, we will build a high skilled, high tech, low carbon economy to ensure that no one and no community is left behind.

We will invest in the high speed broadband, energy, transport and homes that our country needs and allow good businesses to thrive,
and support a new generation of co-operative enterprises.


Labour Group “has no confidence in SBC Leader and Cabinet

Cllr Steve Siddons, Labour leader, Scarborough Borough Council

The Labour Group has no confidence that the Scarborough Cabinet is running the Borough in the best interest of local residents.

Labour Leader, Steve Siddons said, “Following the Whexit and Fexit votes at Whitby and Filey Town councils, and the Public petition, we’d welcome a real change of Leader and Cabinet, but not another ‘Buggin’s turn’ Leader from the Conservative Caucus continuing ‘business as usual’.”

Local residents have been let down with a series of failings and blunders by the Conservative-led Council over recent years. The list is endless but includes poor spending decisions, lack of vision for the development of the Borough and its people, Benchmark, the Futurist, Town Centre Cinema, Tourist Information Centres, Harbour Management, Whitby Piers, Whistleblower cover up and the scandal of the illegal Marine Drive fiasco but most of all, a complete lack of transparency and open governance.
Past votes of ‘No Confidence’ have been ineffective because of the loyalty of Conservative councillors to their own. Embattled Leaders have stayed in place and later have been replaced from the same Conservative inner circle.

The Opposition dilemma is that the Council majority is held by twenty five Conservative councillors plus the two independent councillors the Leader has put on the Cabinet payroll to ensure their loyalty, ie total 27. The opposition Groups’ councillor total, even if they vote together, is a maximum of 23.

Until enough members of the Conservative Group INDICATE THAT THEY are willing to vote against their Caucus and support a Leader that will take the Borough in a new better direction any move of ‘No Confidence’ is premature and an empty gesture.

What the people of the Borough need is for Tory party councillors to be led by their consciences and do what’s best for the Borough.

Select a new Leader and Cabinet for a fresh approach that puts accountability and transparency at the heart of the council.

Only then will the residents of this Borough get a Council they deserve.

Jeremy Corbyn in Scarborough!

Jeremy Corbyn came to Scarborough on the weekend of the 27th February as part of the Labour Youth Conference which was held at the Spa. Jeremy gave a well received speech to delegates as part of the closing events, as attendees with views from across the party responded enthusiastically to his vision for the country.

Despite prior commitments as well on the Saturday in Sheffield and London, Jeremy gave a speech at the Mount Hotel to the Bakers Union and other local activists and union members in support of an actual living wage for all workers of £10 an hour, as well as supporting Union rights in general.

Jeremy arrived by train to Scarborough in good spirits and full of energy, a fact well illustrated by a speech that was interrupted by thunderous applause throughout. His speech covered many important areas that he is looking to address as leader, carefully explaining why it was vital for the economy and the people to secure higher wages to ensure fairness was restored, which drew rapturous applause from the crowded room. He also praised local campaigns that are ongoing in Scarborough, from the Junior Doctors Strike to the anti-fracking campaign, and urged people to get involved with the local Labour Party in order to help secure change. Amongst the other issues touched upon was Mental health provision, calling for action to tackle this long neglected problem.

Once he had finished his speech, he spent the time to talk to everyone there, discussing their ideas and concerns as well as taking part in the obligatory selfies from both younger and older supporters. With membership of the Scarborough and Whitby Labour Party more than doubling in size since Corbyn was elected leader, this event helped to illustrate the depth of his support in Scarborough, and we look forward to welcoming Jeremy back again in the future.

Councillor Tony Randerson said

“I was honoured yesterday evening to officially welcome Jeremy Corbyn MP Leader of the Labour Party to Scarborough. He was due to speak at the Bakers Union BFAWA at the Mount Hotel which proved to be an inspiring speech very well received by all in attendance which was a full house. He was also due to be the key note speaker at today’s session of the Young Labour Conference at the Spa Complex in Scarborough.

It was a very pleasant experience to be able to welcome him to Scarborough and in doing so promoting all the hard work the CLP and The Labour Group is doing leading up to the next General and Local Elections.”




Ryan Downes – Labour’s Future

RDownes Ryan Downes, Scarborough and Whitby Labour Party’s youngest member, may have just turned 15 but at an age when many boys’ heroes are performing on the football pitch his eyes are firmly fixed on our politicians and he’s already made his mind up about what is important to him.

“I’m for equality and fairness”, says Ryan, “and this Conservative Government doesn’t care about young people like me. I’d like to go to university but the thought of ending up with £60,000 of debt at the end is unbelievable. How would I ever pay for this?” He fears the Lib/Dems are just too ‘wishy-washy’ to be effective so Labour is his only hope. More

Trade Union Bill major threat to workers’ rights

Motion to Council 2 November 2015.

Trade Union Bill

Cllr Tony Randerson will be moving the following motion to Scarborough Borough Councils Meeting 2 November 2015.

As a major employer in the local area, this council welcomes the positive benefits that arise from the relationship that we have with recognised trade unions and believes that the relationship between employers and their employees through their collective representatives would be damaged by reducing facility time for elected representatives and by removing the ability of union members to pay union dues direct from wages. More

Corbyn win!

What a fantastic result for the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn wins a massive 59% of the vote. I am so pleased that I nominated Jeremy and the CLP backed my nomination.

Jeremy can and will galvanise this party rather than some would have us believe it being a disastrous result.

Jeremy is a true socialist and I for one firmly believe this is why so many thousands of citizens across the country have joined the Labour Party .

Along with Tom Watson as Deputy Leader and also supported by this CLP this party can only go from strength to strength.

I am once again looking forward to the fight ahead leading up to 2020


Being a Councillor – three months and still standing

It’s now almost three months since I stood on the stage at the Scarborough Spa trying not to give away my emotions at having been elected to Scarborough Borough Council. And what a time I have had. Obviously, the first thing to sort out was the perks about which the Councils’ critics love to tell us: would I get a new iPad? (no, it’s a second-hand one snatched from the hands of a defeated councillor). Will I get a car park pass? (yes, but only for use on Council business, and there are no car parks in Mayfield anyway). How much do I get paid? (well below minimum wage is the outcome so far).

My next concern: What does a Councillor actually do? More

Yes, to unitary authority for the Yorkshire Coast

Scarborough Borough Labour Group Leader Welcomes the County Council Leader’s Support for a Single Council Authority

stevesiddons001Newly elected Leader of Scarborough Borough Labour Group, Steve Siddons today welcomed the Tory County Council Leader’s support for the scrapping of the County Council and the introduction of Unitary Authorities.

“In Scarborough Borough local authorities are duplicated. We have the Scarborough Town Hall and ‘North Yorkshire House’ in the town. We also double up the number of councillors.

“The Scarborough Labour Group suggested ending this waste a couple of years ago but got voted down by the Scarborough Tories. More