How I’ve fund raised for the Labour Party locally without going outside the front door

Hope you’ve all managed to finish your Christmas shopping and if you did it online that you joined up to easyfundraising to raise funds for the Labour Party at the same time. We’ve raised about £100 so far and it hasn’t cost a penny more than the products we chose to buy. Couldn’t be simpler or more pain-free!

And, it’s all come from businesses who couldn’t give a toss for the Labour Party. I would always prefer to shop with a local independent store. But where that’s not possible, then I choose to shop in a way that helps our Labour Party here locally. More

Policy papers for consultation – Join the Labour Party and have your say

Dear Member

I am writing to let you know that our latest round of ten policy papers have been published on Your Britain for consultation.

When I became Chair of the National Policy Forum nine months ago, I made it my priority to make our policy process more open, transparent and to ensure that every member has the chance to feed their ideas in to a One Nation manifesto for 2015.

Your Britain, Labour’s online home of policy and ideas, has been a key step. It has opened up our policy making process and structures so that anyone can read our latest policy documents, submit their views and ideas, and comment on the ideas of others. This is a first for any political party in Britain.

Members of the Shadow Cabinet and the National Policy Forum are reading those submissions and taking them forward.

The new papers we have launched are the latest stage of the NPF’s work on the priority issues set by Annual Conference. They cover issues like tackling youth unemployment, childcare, the future of our NHS, and housing. The papers set out the Policy Commissions’ thinking to date based on the responses and discussions we’ve had, and also include policy options on key issues. We want to hear your views on where we’ve got to.

Visit Your Britain to view the new papers and have your say

Around the country, many CLPs have been integrating policy engagement into their campaigning and community organising work, hosting Your Britain events and encouraging local residents and community groups to come forward with their ideas and experiences. This is one way we can put into practice the One Nation politics that Ed Miliband has spoken of – giving everyone a say, and reaching out beyond our Party for the ideas and vision that exist within our communities and workplaces. I hope, if it hasn’t done so already, that your CLP hosts one of these events soon.

You can find a Your Britain user guide on Membersnet here

I look forward to hearing your views

Best wishes
Angela Eagle MP
Chair of the National Policy Forum