Jeremy Corbyn’s 10 pledges to transform Britain

We can build a Britain that works for all of us

Labour’s aim is to rebuild and transform Britain, for the many not the few. These ten pledges set out the framework for what Labour will campaign for – and what a Labour government will do. You can help us to shape policies in these areas, and more.

Pledge 1 — Full employment

We will create a million good quality jobs across our regions and nations, and guarantee a decent job for all. By investing £500 billion in infrastructure and industry, backed up by a publicly-owned National Investment Bank and regional banks, we will build a high skilled, high tech, low carbon economy to ensure that no one and no community is left behind.

We will invest in the high speed broadband, energy, transport and homes that our country needs and allow good businesses to thrive,
and support a new generation of co-operative enterprises.


Labour Leader Steve Siddons Vows to Continue to Campaign Against the Loo Blues

“A Council that can spend £millions supporting private vanity developments but can’t spend a penny when it is needed is not putting its residents first”
Scarborough Borough Labour Group Leader, Steve Siddons, has vowed to fight on to keep all essential public conveniences open More

NHS Day of Action in Scarborough and Whitby

Labour Party members were out on the streets of Scarborough and Whitby on March 4th, supporting Unite the union’s NHS Day of Action.

Plenty of enthusiasm from the public. People really do appreciate the NHS and what our doctors and nurses do for us. Many people signed a petition in Whitby, which is still a town uncertain as to the future of its hospital. Local people of all ages were delighted to show their support, as were our visitors, including Ric Sanders, violinist in the legendary band, Fairport Convention. He and his band had had a very successful and extremely well-received gig in the Pavilion on Friday night.

Scarborough Branch’s day of action presence in the town centre was no less successful. Their straw poll asking “Is the NHS safe with this government?” produced an overwhelming No vote.
Many shoppers took the time to chat with our members, expressing their own hopes that the Labour Party would manage to defend the NHS against cuts and creeping privatisation.

Labour Group “has no confidence in SBC Leader and Cabinet

Cllr Steve Siddons, Labour leader, Scarborough Borough Council

The Labour Group has no confidence that the Scarborough Cabinet is running the Borough in the best interest of local residents.

Labour Leader, Steve Siddons said, “Following the Whexit and Fexit votes at Whitby and Filey Town councils, and the Public petition, we’d welcome a real change of Leader and Cabinet, but not another ‘Buggin’s turn’ Leader from the Conservative Caucus continuing ‘business as usual’.”

Local residents have been let down with a series of failings and blunders by the Conservative-led Council over recent years. The list is endless but includes poor spending decisions, lack of vision for the development of the Borough and its people, Benchmark, the Futurist, Town Centre Cinema, Tourist Information Centres, Harbour Management, Whitby Piers, Whistleblower cover up and the scandal of the illegal Marine Drive fiasco but most of all, a complete lack of transparency and open governance.
Past votes of ‘No Confidence’ have been ineffective because of the loyalty of Conservative councillors to their own. Embattled Leaders have stayed in place and later have been replaced from the same Conservative inner circle.

The Opposition dilemma is that the Council majority is held by twenty five Conservative councillors plus the two independent councillors the Leader has put on the Cabinet payroll to ensure their loyalty, ie total 27. The opposition Groups’ councillor total, even if they vote together, is a maximum of 23.

Until enough members of the Conservative Group INDICATE THAT THEY are willing to vote against their Caucus and support a Leader that will take the Borough in a new better direction any move of ‘No Confidence’ is premature and an empty gesture.

What the people of the Borough need is for Tory party councillors to be led by their consciences and do what’s best for the Borough.

Select a new Leader and Cabinet for a fresh approach that puts accountability and transparency at the heart of the council.

Only then will the residents of this Borough get a Council they deserve.

“Council Leader Bastiman Has ‘Jumped the Gun’ on Futurist Demolition”

says the Labour Group on Scarborough Borough Council

The Labour Group has accused the Conservative Council Leader of taking the Council for granted and being premature with his statement saying “there’s an agreement that the Futurist will be demolished”.

The Labour Group has also reminded the Leader of his promise that before a ‘crunch’ January decision, councillors would have enough information and time to allow them and their constituents to fully consider the Futurist site redevelopment proposals.

There has been no Council decision to demolish the Futurist- there was a decision to budget ‘£4 million for the Futurist redevelopment’.
Councillor Bastiman can’t take January’s Council or its vote for granted. Like most people in the Borough, the Labour Group is not clear what is best or achievable. We need to see the full proposal for this redevelopment and what else it leads to, and fully scrutinise it before we decide to support or oppose it. As important as the demolition decision is, there are even bigger implications. Scarborough taxpayers need assurance that their investment is not just the start of another expensive project that brings little return to the Borough or its people.

Futurist Theatre, then and now
Futurist Theatre, then and now. But what does the future hold?


Key Council funding from central government is disappearing over the next four years. Without pertinent questioning of every spending decision together with innovative thinking about future projects, the Borough and the council taxpayer will suffer. The old methods won’t work, we can’t afford any mistakes.
Scarborough, Whitby and Filey’s coast, their Town Centres and their Harbours are our key assets. Decision making on their future, at the last minute and after eleventh hour proposals, a common Scarborough Borough practice, is now unacceptable, as is bluster and coercion.
I suggested to the Council Leader at the last Council that the public’s confidence in this project depends on openness, timely information and proper scrutiny of this proposal. Despite his assurance then, his new statement suggests a return to old, closed and unacceptable decision making.
We warn, without timely and full open information and debate, the Labour Group will not be in a position to support a proposal. Last February the £4m budget for redevelopment was only supported by the Conservatives and their two supporting “independent” Cabinet members, the rest of the Council voted against. We understand several Conservative Group members share our concerns about the decision we have to take on January 9th.

What I Learned From Johnny Bevan – New show in Scarborough

We’ve had members getting in touch to ask us to let other members know about an exciting new play which is coming to Scarborough next month. It’s apparently very political, and features the labour party – we hope it goes easy on us!

A show which ‘strikes at the heart of British politics, questioning the middle class value system that encouraged the rise of New Labour and David Cameron’s brand of Conservatism’ comes to the Stephen Joseph Theatre next month after being seen by MPs at the Houses of Parliament.

Performance poet Luke Wright’s What I Learned from Johnny Bevan took the Edinburgh Fringe by storm and then sold out three weeks at London’s Soho Theatre. Wright received a Stage Award for Acting Excellence for his hurricane performance and the show received a Fringe First for the quality of the writing. The London run added a nomination for the 2017 Off West End Awards and Luke will stage the show for politicians the Houses of Parliament on 27 April, at the invitation of the Labour MP for Norwich South and Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Clive Lewis.

Now, as part of an extensive national tour, local audiences can see what all the fuss is about when it visits the Stephen Joseph Theatre on Thursday 26 May.

What I Learned from Johnny Bevan is a compelling, politically charged story encompassing shattered friendships, class and social ceilings, and The Labour Party’s battle for its soul.

At university the whip-smart, mercurial Johnny Bevan saves Nick, smashing his comfortable middle class bubble and firing him up about politics, music and literature. Twenty years later, as their youthful dreams disintegrate alongside the social justice they hoped for, can Nick, now a jaded music journalist, save Johnny from himself?

Luke Wright delivers an impassioned, spellbinding performance of his razor sharp script that is infused with humour, humanity and wit. What I Learned from Johnny Bevan strikes at the heart of British politics, questioning the middle class value system that encouraged the rise of New Labour and David Cameron’s brand of Conservatism, and saw both parties abandon the working class. This gripping story is a modern fable that reflects today’s political polarisation and resonates with the disillusionment felt by many. See a 360° video here

Luke Wright tours the world each year with his unique brand of poetry and can often be seen opening for John Cooper Clarke. His verse documentaries on Channel 4 have been enjoyed by millions of viewers and his poems can often be heard on BBC Radios 3 & 4, sometimes further afield. He is a regular contributor to Sony Award-winning Saturday Live and has numerous main channel TV appearances under his belt. He curates the spoken word line-ups at The Latitude Festival, Festival Number 6 and The Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Tickets for What I Learned from Johnny Bevan are £10-£12.50, with tickets for under-30s available at just £6 each, and are available from the box office on 01723 370541 or

‘A pulsating piece of poetic storytelling’ ★★★★ Lyn Gardner, Guardian


‘Stirring eloquence and resonant delivery heighten the drama and clarify the emotional impact’ ★★★★ The Stage

‘An evocative, poetic monologue… anyone familiar with Wright’s work will recognise his deft hand’ ★★★★ Time Out

‘An astonishing, thought-provoking and original tour-de-force’ ★★★★★ London Theatre1

‘It’s like an episode of This Is England, delivered by one man. Brilliant’ ★★★★ Daily Record

BWAFU £10 and A Union Campaign in Scarborough

flyer front crop

We have been supporting the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union in their £10 and a union campaign. We’d like to let local labour members know about their Day of Action demonstration in Scarborough Town Centre on the 14th at 5pm. For more information contact visit their Facebook page. Subscribe to their email list here

 We’ve asked them to provide a brief summary of their campaign for local labour members;

“On the 14th April at 5pm in Scarborough town centre, we will be having our own demonstration in solidarity with all the workers in the American “FIGHT FOR $15” who will be on strike this day as part of a global day of action. The aim of this will be to bring awareness of our campaign amongst food and retail workers in the town centre and to bring these workers into political activism and trade unionism. We want this campaign in Scarborough to be a cross-union, cross-party campaign because a £10 an hour minimum wage would improve the lives of all of us and only by all of us uniting can we win. If you want to get involved with us then please join us on the 14th of April for our day of action. We plan to do some in-workplace petitioning and leafletting with a demonstration outside the workplaces to show to the workers that the public do care about these workers and they are not a forgotten and trodden-on part of our society, they work hard in often quite dangerous conditions with no guarantee of hours and having to rely on working tax credits in order to top up their wages to a living wage. We believe that the companies that employ these workers ought to pay them a full living wage of at least £10 an hour and we believe that we will win!

For further information on how to get involved or if you are already in a trade union branch that would like to get involved and support our campaign then please contact BFAWU Steve on 07540599170”

As well as networking workers and getting them clued up on their rights, BFAWU are also delivering a national petition to government – so far collecting thousands of signatures in Glasgow, London, Cambridge, Sheffield, Wakefield, Manchester and several hundred from Scarborough.

How you can help and stay up to date:

1. Come to the day of action demonstration in town on the 14th at 5pm.
2. Get involved on social media and help spread the word about the campaign.
4. Talk to your fellow employees and friends about the campaign, and let us know what you find.
5. Contact / 07540599170 about your workplace issues and getting involved in our network of activists – it’s a social thing too!
3. Go to here to sign up for email updates.

As much as we can set up good worker’s rights, the current protections for workers are not enforced – for an alarming number of jobs in Scarborough working conditions have rolled back to the 1930s, with people regularly having less than only a handful of hours between night and morning shifts as opposed to the 11 hours which the law guarantees, being clocked out by the employer when it’s quiet, and not being paid past opening and closing times, even though it takes an hour to open or close the business. The trend setters in this exploitation are the multi-national businesses, not necessarily small local businesses. This is why it’s absolutely vital that we as a party support groups like BWAFU that are actually going out and educating workers.

BFAWU also supports us, Jeremy Corbyn came to their yearly conference in Scarborough in February – and many of them are card carrying labour members who want to use this campaign as an opportunity to build a platform for a Scarborough Labour victory in a few years time.

We are already actively supporting their campaign, and we have been present at their stalls. The BFAWU campaigners have fantastic energy and are a joy to be around. They are looking for labour members to take the message into their workplaces and the wider community, and of course they are happy to discuss work place issues members may be having. They need all the support they can get, so if you have any skills and time that you can offer them, do contact


Jeremy Corbyn in Scarborough!

Jeremy Corbyn came to Scarborough on the weekend of the 27th February as part of the Labour Youth Conference which was held at the Spa. Jeremy gave a well received speech to delegates as part of the closing events, as attendees with views from across the party responded enthusiastically to his vision for the country.

Despite prior commitments as well on the Saturday in Sheffield and London, Jeremy gave a speech at the Mount Hotel to the Bakers Union and other local activists and union members in support of an actual living wage for all workers of £10 an hour, as well as supporting Union rights in general.

Jeremy arrived by train to Scarborough in good spirits and full of energy, a fact well illustrated by a speech that was interrupted by thunderous applause throughout. His speech covered many important areas that he is looking to address as leader, carefully explaining why it was vital for the economy and the people to secure higher wages to ensure fairness was restored, which drew rapturous applause from the crowded room. He also praised local campaigns that are ongoing in Scarborough, from the Junior Doctors Strike to the anti-fracking campaign, and urged people to get involved with the local Labour Party in order to help secure change. Amongst the other issues touched upon was Mental health provision, calling for action to tackle this long neglected problem.

Once he had finished his speech, he spent the time to talk to everyone there, discussing their ideas and concerns as well as taking part in the obligatory selfies from both younger and older supporters. With membership of the Scarborough and Whitby Labour Party more than doubling in size since Corbyn was elected leader, this event helped to illustrate the depth of his support in Scarborough, and we look forward to welcoming Jeremy back again in the future.

Councillor Tony Randerson said

“I was honoured yesterday evening to officially welcome Jeremy Corbyn MP Leader of the Labour Party to Scarborough. He was due to speak at the Bakers Union BFAWA at the Mount Hotel which proved to be an inspiring speech very well received by all in attendance which was a full house. He was also due to be the key note speaker at today’s session of the Young Labour Conference at the Spa Complex in Scarborough.

It was a very pleasant experience to be able to welcome him to Scarborough and in doing so promoting all the hard work the CLP and The Labour Group is doing leading up to the next General and Local Elections.”




EU visit for SBC councillors

IMG_1939Last week two of our councillors Eric Broadbent and Gerald Dennett joined a group of 48 Labour Party members from Yorkshire and Humber region on a trip to visit the EU led by Councillor Elizabeth Nash from Leeds. There they had the opportunity to observe EU members debating the EU budget and were delighted to see the decision made to cease subsidies to bull fighting in Spain. They later enjoyed the hospitality of the Mayor of Strasbourg’s office at a reception where they presented gifts for the mayor in the form of a shield of SBC and an engraved notepad from NYCC.

Honorary Alderman, Buggin’s Turn or a reward for failure? It’s not just “a bit of gold paint”

civic insigniaOn Friday 23 October at a special meeting of Scarborough Borough Council two gentlemen are to be admitted to be Honorary Freemen of the Borough and five people will have the title of Honorary Alderman of the Borough conferred upon them. I don’t know the two who are to become honorary freemen, but I understand that the honour recognises the work they have done for the benefit of others. To my mind, the honorary aldermen are a different kettle of fish and I shall vote against the title being conferred. There are several reasons for this, which I shall set out below. But, first of all, I must insist that this is not about personality. In the spirit of Labour’s new leader Jeremy Corbyn, this is a question of principle, not persons. I served as a school governor with one of the five candidates, but I have never even spoken to any of the other four. More