Wheatcroft Long Sea Outfall from McCains Plant Eastfield.

Persistence rewarded for Cllr Tony Randerson

I have raised the poor condition of the Long Sea Outfall that is used only by the McCains plant in Eastfield on a number of occasions with The North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority of which I am a member via North Yorkshire County Council.\

Local fishermen and the surfing fraternity have voiced their concerns about effluent being discharged because of fractures to this pipe, which has been in place for some 17 years.

I was finally invited to attend a meeting on  20 June in York to hear Yorkshire Water’s plans for this outfall which was attended by officers from the Environment Agency, Scarborough Borough Council, McCains and of course Yorkshire Water. I am delighted to say that Yorkshire Water has now agreed funding to rectify this long- standing hazard.  More

Blacklisting post Crossrail

At the Annual Meeting of North Yorkshire County Council which took place at County Hall Northallerton I am delighted to say that my motion on behalf of the Labour Group on NYCC was accepted by the Executive and passed by the Full Council.
This was particularly pleasing for me as a recently retired Regional Officer representing Unite the Union Members in Yorkshire and Humberside, where I had  come into contact with Blacklisted members.
 BLACKLIST-BEATEN1The U.K Government defines Blacklisting as, “the systematic compilation of information on individual Trade Unionists and their use by employers and recruiters to discriminate against those individuals because of their Trade Union membership or because of their involvement in Trade Union Activity”.
My motion to County Council stated that “The Blacklisting of individuals is a morally indefensible practice and that cases are being taken to employment tribunals on a very wide range of legal points, which include defamation, breaches of the data act and conspiracy “. More

Eastfield Pride Newsletter.

Tony RandersonI am currently in the process of delivering some 2,400 Newsletters to every household in Eastfield. The main subject of this Newsletter is the Eastfield Pride Competition that I have initiated. This competition is to find the Most Improved Street in Eastfield.

I am doing this because there are parts of the Eastfield Estate that require some TLC. The idea is to get residents involved by forming a small committee to run this project, for residents who wish their street to be involved and to put pride back into their environment! More

Labour councillor secures new bus service for Eastfield

Tony Randerson

Cllr Tony Randerson, NYCC Eastfield and Osgodby

A new Bus Service that Eastfield Residents had been asking for has been agreed following talks between Labour County Councillor Tony Randerson and Shoreline Suncruiser Buses.

The new 777 Service will begin on Thursday 3 April between Scarborough and Eastfield. More

Balancing Fishing and Conservation Priorities


As a member of the North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority I raised concerns about the amount of effluent/ammonia that is being discharged into the North Sea and the damage this is apparently doing to the fish stocks off our lovely coastline.I will be raising this again at our next meeting of this Authority in mid-March. I am concerned that, although McCain’s do very adequately filter the effluent at their Peterborough Site into the River Nene, the same care and attention is not being given to the effluent discharged into the North Sea, with all the probable ramifications.

Challenging questions need to be raised and appropriate answers given, the North Sea should not be viewed as a dumping ground in any shape or form.


I have also voiced my concern regarding a further exclusion zone for our fishing fleet (or what is left of it) with regard to an unnecessary bye-law. Despite my objection and me moving that there should be no further exclusion around Flamborough Head, the Greenflamhead Environmentalists sitting on this  Authority still forced this through. And for what? They believe, without any concrete evidence, that the very few fishing boats left will damage the chalk on the sea bed! More

Motion on companies blacklisting individuals

My motion regarding the appalling scenario of companies blacklisting individuals for no other reason that they are “activists” either as Shop Stewards or Safety Representatives of various unions goes before County Council on the 19 February. See my earlier post for the full motion.
I fully expect this motion will be deferred until the May County Council Meeting that basically is asking the County Council to double and triple check any organisation before they award contracts for work required.
If any bidders are unscrupulous employers who have in the past blacklisted people they will take this into consideration during the bidding process. Clearly my view, which I will make abundantly clear, is that under no circumstances should the County Council award contracts to this type of immoral employer.
The Leader of the Council has assured me that he will take this motion back to the Executive and will call on me to address the Executive before the Meeting in May.
Because this motion is going to be deferred until the Executive have looked into it, I will be formally moving it at the February Meeting, but speaking at length on it at the May Meeting. Eric Broadbent is to second this motion.
The Labour Group pulling its weight and proving a force to be reckoned with at County Hall.
Access your county council services online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at www.northyorks.gov.uk.

Councillor calls for Urgent Meeting to discuss the very poor state of the Highways in and around Eastfield.

County and Borough Councillor Tony Randerson has called for an urgent meeting to address the very poor state of the Highways and Footways in and around Eastfield and indeed the whole of Area 3 which covers Scarborough and Whitby.

potholeTony has contacted the NYCC Highways 3 Office in Whitby requesting that a meeting takes place as soon as possible with Senior Representatives of the contractors – Ringway, NYCC Highways Officers and County Councillors in the region with a view to ascertain just why Ringway are so far behind schedule in repairing pot holes that are only going to deteriorate in the coming months due to both vehicles continually running over them and the frosty weather.

Tony believes it is high time that this problem is addressed and it is just not good enough for excuses to be continually made by officers and executive council members defending this appalling record of Ringway.

This company were desperate to attain this very lucrative contract but have so far failed in their duty to carry it out.

Tony believes our residents (the rate payers) deserve much better, why should they have to suffer through this lack of action by Ringway, why should they have to continually have repairs done to their vehicles and just why are residents themselves filling in pot holes because of this inaction ?

Unite the Union calls for Councils to blacklist the blacklisters

blacklisted I hope to be able to move this at the February 2014 meeting of North Yorkshire County Council at County Hall in Northallerton.

Motion for Local Authorities regarding ‘blacklisting’


Notes and welcomes campaigning by trade unions to end the scandalous practice of ‘blacklisting’. More

North Yorkshire County Council Delivering (or is it?)

In the short time since I was elected as Labour County Councillor for the Division of Eastfield & Osgodby at County Hall (or should I say Alice in Wonderland House with the “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” ) it has become apparent that since last vacating my seat some 10 years ago the ruling Tory Party of “Mad Hatters” have become even madder. Two recent examples illustrate my point – Street lighting (or should that be Street darkening) and Highway maintenance (or do they mean the absence of it)? More

Labour County Councillor at work

Cllr Tony Randerson, Eastfield and Osgodby

Cllr Tony Randerson, Eastfield & Osgodby

I have always maintained that being a Councillor is easy, It’s getting elected in the first place that is the hard part. I say this because it is about gaining the trust of your potential voters by “knocking on doors” and not just “stuffing” leaflets through letter-boxes.

I have found through experience that people like the face to face contact, I certainly do.

Now I’m elected life is once again about making myself available to the residents of Eastfield and Osgodby. More