From potholes to polls

Along with my newly elected fellow Labour County Councillors a strange affliction has infected us. The symptoms are easily spotted, walking along seemingly obsessed with looking down drains and gullies, an unhealthy preoccupation with potholes potholeand a fascination with road markings.
Then a week or two later I’ll be doing it again but this time in the company of the local highways surveyor and I’m pleased to say that much of the work will be done. Some things take a little longer but I’m pleased I’ve obtained £30,000 for carriageway repairs in the next financial year for Fieldside in the Northstead area of Scarborough.
There is also the sheer difficulty in getting my head around nearly a £1 billion budget and the coalition government cuts. In my specialist policy area of health and social care it looks grim for many people receiving social services as they will be ineligible under even tougher eligibility criteria.
This is all against a background of the so-called welfare reforms including the bedroom tax and the enforced reclassification of people moving from health related benefits to job seekers allowance.
This afternoon (Thursday 10th July) I will be attending the first meeting of the County Council area committee which covers the Borough of Scarborough. It will be interesting to see how the sole surviving Independent member and the UKIP member cast their votes.
On the Borough Council there are two by-elections to be fought after Tory councillors resigned in Newby and Ramshill. Both are winnable by Labour, particularly Ramshill, where we once held one of the two seats and which has a volatile political history. We’re eager for both elections to be fought as soon as possible.
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David Billing – County Councillor for Woodlands

billingLife suddenly feels empty.For the past few weeks every day has been occupied for at least some of the time by leafletting or knocking on doors.This will I know be only a temporary feeling of having all the time in the world because I have already had to give apologies for a meeting because I can’t be in Northallerton and Scarborough at the same time.

But getting my priorities in order I give heartfelt thanks to all the people who helped me during the campaign.And before I get too egotistical about the victory I was elected by the wonderful support of 7.3% of the Woodlands electorate!

By the way I do wonder if there will be any demand on eBay for a used North Yorkshire County Council alderman’s badge because I have one going spare.

I hope having got today’s bank holiday out of the way life will assume some reality though being involved in local government I have my doubts.

Meanwhile, though I do not know what committees I will be on, any constituent with any queries please contact me.

The Labour Group will be led by Eric Broadbent and its secretary will be John Ritchie.

More to come in future.

Billing’s blog – ’twas the eve of the election….

billingThe day before the election and the troops came out in force in the Barrowcliff area of the Woodlands division to support my campaign.
Linda McAvan MEP, Cllr Tracy Simpson-Laing, executive member on York City Council, Borough councillor Steve Bairstow who represents Woodlands, Holly a member of Linda’s staff, Sam Prest who is standing for Hovingham and Sheriff Hutton and a noble sacrifice from Cllr John Ritchie taking time off from fighting to gain Falsgrave and Stepney. My grateful thanks to them all.
After a tour round a wonderful Labour child care initiative, the Surestart centre on Briercliffe which I believe I helped to bring to this area of Barrowcliff (one of 10% most deprived areas of the country), an excellent fish and chip lunch at Alleyways in Falsgrave then to work.
We visited Labour promises in the streets around Barrowcliff School, a polling station, and the results were encouraging with our support holding up. Let us hope they turn out but the positive feeling seems to be across the division and it stretches from Burniston Road to the top of Stepney Road.

 But our success depends on you turning out

to put a dent in the Tory hegemony of North Yorkshire, in Yorkshire language ‘stuff ’em!

David Billing
Labour councillor, Central ward

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